Newsletter September 2016


Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 is almost upon us – it’s the busiest time of the year for EDItEUR, and the best time of year to meet as many EDItEUR members as possible.

Following last year’s successful re-launch of EDItEUR’s Supply Chain Seminar as an independent event, EDItEUR will once again be hosting the 38th International Supply Chain Seminar. We are pleased to have worked closely with Frankfurt Book Fair on this, and the half-day Seminar will again be held within the Buchmesse on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th October, the day before the main Fair opens. The even begins at 1pm, and will as always focus on the technical aspects of publishing metadata and identifiers, standards and supply chain communication in which EDItEUR specialises.

EDItEUR will of course also be holding its usual meetings for the International Committees for ICEDIS, Thema and ONIX, as well as its Open Meeting for Members and a new EDItX International Steering Committee meeting. Details of these meetings can be found in the Forthcoming Events listing below.

EDItEUR is also supporting the Frankfurt Business Club, with an exclusive 25% promotional offer on registration for the Business Club or for THE MARKETS conference.

38th International Supply Chain Seminar

EDItEUR announces its annual International Supply Chain Seminar, a mini-conference dedicated to metadata and content standards for book and e-book publishing – it’s the essential pre-Frankfurt event for publishers, distributors, booksellers and service providers keen to boost the effectiveness of their business.

A key programme highlight will be an in-depth review of the findings of an updated study by Nielsen on The link between metadata and sales. The original 2011 study has been brought up to date with new data and a new look at how the value of metadata has changed over five years.

Tuesday 18th October, 1:00pm until 5:30
Room Concord, Halle 4.C
is via EventBrite, with tickets from £140
Note that ticketing for the Supply Chain Seminar does not include entry
to the Book Fair itself for 19th–23rd October

The speaker programme focuses on real-world case studies, standards and best practices, and strategies that use technology to extract the most value from the supply chain, and the main programme will be followed by a reception to celebrate 25 years of EDItEUR.

EDItEUR thanks its partner the Frankfurter Buchmesse for helping to make this event possible.

Frankfurt Business Club – the full-service Fair experience

business club logo

If you’re looking for the perfect place to work and hold your business meetings, a place where you can discover the latest industry trends and make new business contacts, then be sure to book your Business Club ticket for the Frankfurt Book Fair in good time. You can choose between registering for a 1-day visit to the Fair, or a full 6-day ticket. The 6-day ticket also includes entry to the conferences of the Frankfurt Book Fair on the Tuesday before the fair: THE MARKETS and the Frankfurt Rights Meeting. More information at

Exclusive discount for EDItEUR members

Save up to €312 – use the promo code 2016BCSpecialEDItEUR25 for a 25% discount on 1- or 6-day Business Club registration. The 6-day option includes THE MARKETS conference and the Frankfurt Rights Meeting. This code can also be used for 25% discount on separate registration for THE MARKETS.

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International ISBN Agency News

ISBN Annual General Meeting

The International ISBN Agency’s Annual General Meeting took place on 21st and 22nd September in Vienna, Austria, thanks to our kind hosts from Hauptverband des Österreichischen Buchhandels, the organisation which operates the Austria ISBN Agency. We are extremely grateful to Markus Toyfl, Ulrike Huetter and Michaela Vollath for all their hard work in preparing for the meeting, as well as for their assistance during the meeting itself. There were about 80 delegates at the meeting representing nearly 50 different ISBN agencies – or about one third of all ISBN agencies across the globe. A number of agencies attended for the first time, including Gibraltar and Morocco, so we were particularly glad to see them at the meeting and to have the chance to discuss ISBN matters with them. The International ISMN Agency and the International ISSN Centre also attended. One of the major discussion topics during the meeting was the draft for the new ISBN Users’ Manual (7th edition). It was very pleasing that this generated a lot of ideas from the delegates, particularly in terms of extending the guidance offered on scope and qualification for ISBN. The ad hoc group working on the Manual will be seeking to incorporate these into the next draft, and will also to prepare a set of FAQs.

ISBN Users’ Manual (6th edition)

The most recent translation (to Indonesian) of the current Users’ Manual is now available on the International ISBN Agency website at ISBN guidance (the Users’ Manual, handbooks etc) is now available from that site in 21 languages in addition to English.

International ISBN Agency Board news

We congratulate Piero Attanasio, Beat Barblan and Jon Windus who have been re-elected to the International ISBN Agency Board. We also congratulate Ronald Schild (Chairman) and Beat (Treasurer) on being unanimously re-elected to their Offices on the Board.

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Thema version 1.2 language updates

Following the release of Thema version 1.2 earlier in the year, several of the translations available have been updated, to incorporate the new categories added with the revised release, and occasionally, to improve the translation and notes available in each language. The lastest translated text of the international, multilingual subject category scheme can always be found on the interactive browser at, and most languages are also available in various different formats – Excel, HTML, PDF, XML and so on – from the EDItEUR website.

The latest addition to the version 1.2 browser is Lithuanian – a draft for version 1.1 was added in July, but has now been improved, extended and coupled with Lithuanian user interface text by the Lithuanian Publishers Association (below right).

Thema 1.2 browser, English interface Chinese extensions Thema 1.2 browser, Lithuanian interface

Chinese national extensions added

The first fruits of the Chinese Thema national group – a set of geographical qualifier extensions covering the provinces and municipalities of China – has been ratified and added to the scheme. There were previously just four geographical qualifiers ‘underneath’ the 1FPC Thema code for China, and now there are an additional 37 (above left). A full Chinese translation of the Thema scheme is expected to be available soon.

Thema SQLite file available

Thema codes and headings in many languages are available from the EDItEUR website in spreadsheet format, which may be suitable for anyone wishing to incorporate single-language Thema support into their own systems. However, for organisations aiming to build in multi-lingual support, the many spreadsheets involved would be cumbersome. In fact, a handful of organisations have already tried to ‘scrape’ the entire database by downloading every HTML page from the online browser – nearly 75,000 pages – and they would have to do this regularly to get updates.

To avoid this, the full database – as used in the online browser – is now available on request to EDItEUR members as a SQLite file. Please contact Graham Bell at EDItEUR. This simple SQL data format will be kept up to date with quarterly releases as improvements and new languages are added. This follows a limited trial with a couple of system developers, who have been able to avoid unnecessary work with Excel files and reported significant savings in development time.

Thema news in brief

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ONIX for Books

ONIX Codelists Issue 35 in preparation

Issue 34 of the ONIX codelists was published at the end of July, as detailed in the previous Newsletter. Issue 35 is currently under consideration by ONIX national groups around the world. This is a relatively small update with minor additions in only a handful of codelists:

Issue 35 is intended for ratification at the meeting of the ONIX International Steering Committee during the Frankfurt Book Fair, and should be published before the end of October.

Issue 36 is planned for publication in January 2017, so if you have suggestions or requirements for new codes, these should be discussed with EDItEUR or with your ONIX national group.

ONIX news in brief

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News from ICEDIS: serials, subscriptions & library supply

ICEDIS in Fankfurt

The next full ICEDIS Meeting is fast approaching. The meeting will be held in Frankfurt, at the beginning of Book Fair week on the afternoon of Monday 17th October. EDItEUR will be welcoming ICEDIS participants from 1:30pm at the Hotel Bristol, Ludwigstrasse 15, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, with the meeting itself running from 2–5:00pm. The meeting is of course be open to all EDItEUR members with a particular interest in serials, and to other interested guests by invitation.

On this occasion, we’re particularly pleased to announce that guest speaker Heather Staines of ProQuest/SIPX will be updating delegates on current developments at COUNTER. Heather has recently joined the COUNTER Board of Directors and will be letting us know how this crucial service for measuring the usage of online resources is streamlining and developing its approaches.

The agenda for the meeting will be circulated shortly, and will include news of ONIX-PC as well as ideas on how we can broaden the ICEDIS forum and membership to wider-ranging exchanges on standards, best practices and public identifiers. In the meantime, please drop a line to Tim Devenport at EDItEUR if you are planning to participate so we can plan the logistics (most notably, supplies of seats and coffee!). On behalf of co-chairs Laurie Kaplan, Henning Schoenenberger and the EDItEUR team, we look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!

EDItEUR / ICEDIS briefing session in Charleston

EDItEUR will be hosting a briefing session aimed particularly at colleagues from North America, during the week of the Charleston Conference in November. The session will be held on the morning of Wednesday 2nd November in the Courtyard Marriott Charleston Historic District (one of the main Charleston Conference venues), 125 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29401.

During this session we’ll present information about the range of standards-related activities in which EDItEUR is involved and that we hope are relevant to the challenges faced by many in the publisher-to-library supply chain. A detailed agenda will be available shortly.

Some topics will relate directly to serials, but others will cover our work on descriptive metadata for books supply (ONIX for Books) which is of interest to library system vendors, issues of subject classification spanning many international markets (Thema) and initiatives to provide structured definitions of publisher policy as it relates to Open Access. And NISO will have a guest spot to cover recent initiatives and emerging best practices.

Participation is free and open to colleagues from any of EDItEUR’s member organizations. We would also like to encourage interested guests by invitation from among the wider community of Charleston Conference participants. Either way, please email Tim Devenport for more details and to let us know you are planning to come along.

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Staff update

Chris Saynor joins EDItEUR

Chris Saynor

EDItEUR is pleased to announce that Chris Saynor will be joining the organisation to take on the key role of Standards Editor at the end of October.

Chris comes to EDItEUR from GiantChair Inc., where he is currently metadata specialist and project manager. For the past eight years, he has worked for GiantChair in Paris, and has been responsible for implementation of the Onixsuite application in many publishing organisations. He is widely known for his work with French industry liaison body CLIL and with BISG committees. Prior to that, he has a 20-year background in bookselling with Waterstones and WHSmith. Chris will be moving back to the UK to work in EDItEUR’s London office, where he will work with Graham Bell on advancing EDItEUR’s range of standards for the book trade, including ONIX, Thema and EDItX.

You can welcome Chris to EDItEUR in person at Frankfurt, which he will attend as the first task of his new role.

Forthcoming Events

EDItEUR’s 38th International Supply Chain Seminar

1:00–5:30pm followed by a reception, Tuesday 18th October 2016, Room Concord, Halle 4.C, Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

EDItEUR’s annual International Supply Chain Seminar – a mini-conference dedicated to metadata and content standards for book and e-book publishing – is the essential pre-Frankfurt event for publishers, distributors, booksellers and service providers keen to boost the effectiveness of their business. Registration via EventBrite.

EDItEUR ICEDIS Meeting Frankfurt

2:00–5:00pm, Monday 17th October 2016, Manhattan Room, Hotel Bristol, Ludwigstrasse 15, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

ICEDIS will hold its next full meeting in Frankfurt, at the beginning of the week of the Book Fair. This is intended for members of EDItEUR with a particular interest in serials and subscriptions.

EDItEUR EDItX International Steering Committee Meeting

9:15–10:15am, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Consens, Hall 4.C, Frankfurt Book Fair

The initial meeting of a new International Steering Committee for the EDItX family of messaging standards. Participation is by invitation only.

EDItEUR Thema International Steering Committee Meeting

10:30am–12:00, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Brillanz, Hall 4.2, Frankfurt Book Fair

The Thema International Steering Committee will meet again during the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair. Following release of Thema 1.2, this meeting will look at the increase in adoption and translations of the code lists, amongst other topics. Participation is open to all Committee members, or by invitation only.

EDItEUR ONIX International Steering Committee Meeting

1:30–3:00pm, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Facette, Hall 3. Via, Frankfurt Book Fair

The next meeting of the ONIX for Books International Steering Committee will be held on the first full day of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Committee will, as always, discuss the latest additions to the codelists, proposals for revision 3.0.3 and other developments in the ONIX for Books standard. Please note the meeting is for representatives of the ONIX National Groups, and observers by invitation only.

EDItEUR Open Meeting for Members

3:30–5:00pm, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Facette, Hall 3. Via, Frankfurt Book Fair

EDItEUR is delighted to announce its Open Meeting for Members at Frankfurt Book Fair. The meeting, which is free and open to all members of EDItEUR, is a good opportunity to learn about EDItEUR's work over the last few months with the standards and identifiers that it administers, along with the major projects in which it is involved. Members will also have the opportunity to meet the EDItEUR staff, learn about EDItEUR's focus for the immediate future and to ask questions and provide feedback, as well as suggesting areas that EDItEUR might look at in the coming months.

LIBER Book Fair

12–14th October 2016, Gran Via exhibition centre, Avinguda de Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Liber brings together every single book sector. This year it is paying special attention to digital content, new publishers, self-publishing and literary agents. Promoted by the Spanish Publishers' Association, the international Book Fair is the world's leading event dedicated to books in the Spanish language. The Digital Zone has established itself as a great business opportunity for companies that offer products and technological services applied to the book industry. Details from

EDItEUR ICEDIS Meeting Charleston

Wednesday 2 November 2016, Courtyard Charleston Historic District, 125 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

EDItEUR will host an ICEDIS briefing session aimed particularly at colleagues from the North America libraries and journals sector.

Charleston Conference

Thursday 3 November–Saturday 5 November, various venues, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

The Charleston Conference is an informal annual gathering of librarians, publishers, electronic resource managers, consultants, and vendors of library materials. It is designed to be a collegial gathering of individuals who discuss the issues of book and serials acquisition in a friendly, supportive and highly informal environment. This year’s theme is ‘Roll with the times, or the times roll over you’. For details see

UKSG Conference London

15th November 2016, Grand Connaught Rooms, 61–65 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DA, UK

Expert speakers from the serials world will tackle issues including whether libraries are adapting their content and services to reflect changing behaviours and expectations in the scholarly communications ecosystem. Details from

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