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Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 is fast approaching and so we are pleased to provide final information about Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 and EDItEUR's activities during the Fair.

For the first time in several years EDItEUR will be holding its own independent event, the 37th International Supply Chain Seminar. We are pleased to have worked closely with Frankfurt Book Fair on this, and the Seminar will be held in the Buchmesse itself. It’s a half-day event beginning at 1pm on Tuesday 13 October 2015, and will focus on the technical aspects of publishing metadata in which EDItEUR specialises. As part of the seminar, the International ISBN Agency will be hosting a reception to celebrate 50 years of standardised book numbering – a milestone event for the industry.

EDItEUR will of course also be holding its usual meetings for the International Committees for ICEDIS, Thema and ONIX, as well as its Open Meeting for Members. We would dearly love to see as many representatives from our membership as possible at these meetings, details for which can be found in Forthcoming Events.

TISP (Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing, the European project aiming to foster better contact between publishing companies and IT enterprises) will be holding its key Money for Innovation seminar on Thursday 15th October, beginning at 10.30am. This event covers how the European Commission is improving access to finance to encourage growth, improve competitiveness and catalyse innovation in the creative industries. Details in Forthcoming Events.

37th International Supply Chain Seminar

EDItEUR’s annual International Supply Chain Seminar – a mini-conference dedicated to metadata and content standards for book and e-book publishing – is an essential pre-Frankfurt event for publishers, distributors, booksellers and service providers keen to boost the effectiveness of their business.

Tuesday 13th October, 1:00pm until 5:30, followed by a reception
Room Concord, Halle 4.C
via EventBrite. Tickets from £135
Note that ticketing for the Supply Chain Seminar on 13th October does not include entry
to the Book Fair itself for 14–18th October

The programme will focus on updates, real-world case studies and strategies to use technology to extract the most value from the supply chain. Confirmed speakers so far include:
    • Sam Herbert of 67 Bricks     • Jonathan Nowell of Nielsen
    • Merve Okçuoğlu of the Turkish Publishers Association
    • Patricia Payton of Bowker
    • Gregorio Pellegrino of Effata
    • Frank Salliau of iMinds
    • Ronald Schild of MVB
    • Andrew Weinstein of Scribd
    • Howard Willows of Nielsen
and the speaker programme will be followed by a reception for all delgates to celebrate 50 Years of standard book numbering – a milestone event for the publishing industry.

EDItEUR thanks the following sponsors, and partners Frankfurt Book Fair and the International ISBN Agency, for helping make this event possible.

Bowker logo

Bowker is the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions designed to help publishers, authors, and booksellers better serve their customers. Creators of products and services that make books easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience, Bowker is the also official ISBN Agency for the United States and its territories and Australia. Bowker will be exhibiting with its parent company Proquest in Hall 4.2, Stand M29.

Klopotek logo

Klopotek is the leading supplier of software and consulting services for print and online publishers. More than 4,100 publishers, with over 14,000 users on 350+ installations across 140+ locations, and in 7 languages rely on Klopotek to help them manage their business and achieve their goals. Klopotek supports the entire publishing value chain. The Klopotek solution is available as a rich-client, as well as – for a growing number of processes – a browser-based client solution on a cloud-centric technology platform (Klopotek STREAM) providing smart user interaction across desktops and mobile devices. Klopotek will be in Hall 4.0, Stand F35.

onixsuite logo

Onixsuite by GiantChair Inc. is the most advanced and customizable ONIX metadata management platform on the market today. Integrable with any workflow or title management system, it gives publishers unique visibility into the quality of their book data, and enables them to take advantage of the power of Onixsuite’s rule based scoring and validation system. GiantChair, a company with over ten years of expertise in the book industry, also helps publishers dramatically improve sales with its data optimization services. Send a sample of your data and let GiantChair show what it can do for you. Visit Onixsuite on stand D14 in Hall 6.2.

Publishing Technolgoy logo

Publishing Technology is the world-leading provider of content solutions that transform business. It covers the publishing process from end to end with content systems, audience development and content delivery software and services. Combining unmatched publishing knowledge, global operations and a perpetual support model with enterprise systems, hosting platforms and PCG (Publishers Communication Group) sales and marketing consultancy, it offers the industry’s only full spectrum solutions to help publishers move their content forward. Find Publishing Technology at the Fair on stand L35 in Hall 4.2 and B28 in 6.2.

Buchmesse logo
isbn logo
tisp logo

Frankfurt Business Club – the full-service fair experience

business club logo

If you’re looking for the perfect place to work and hold your business meetings, a place where you can discover the latest industry trends and make new business contacts, then be sure to book your Business Club ticket for the Frankfurt Book Fair in good time. You can choose between a 1-day ticket and a 6-day ticket. The 6-day ticket also includes entry to the conferences of the Frankfurt Book Fair on the Tuesday before the fair: THE MARKETS and the International Rights Directors Meeting. More information at

Special discount for EDItEUR members

Save up to €247 – use the promo code 2015BCSpecialEDItEUR25 for a 25% discount on 1- or 6-day Business Club registration, including THE MARKETS conference and the International Rights Directors Meeting.

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Thema news

Interactive browser updates and upcoming translations

Progress with Thema continues, with new translations in Greek, Turkish and Chinese expected to be made available with the next few months.

A recent enhancement to the Thema online browser means that you can now search directly for a particular code (such as ‘GLK’), as well as the previous search for words within the subject heading text. Cross-references between headings (eg See also: WCP Antiques and collectables) are now clickable, which makes browsing the hierarchy of categories a smoother experience. And a more fully case-insensitive search has been put in place, so a search for ‘Galápagos’ and ‘GALÁPAGOS’ in Spanish or French, for example, are now the same – this should help those searching in Latin-script languages other than English. Previously, searches including accented characters were not case-insentitive.

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ONIX for Books

Issue 30 ONIX codelists released

A regular update of the ONIX codelists was published at the end of July. Issue 30 includes a relatively small set of additional codes:

As always, the latest codelists can be downloaded in various formats – readable HTML, CSV, XML etc from the codelists page on the EDItEUR website, and it has also been integrated into the various documentation for ONIX 3.0. For ONIX systems still using version 2.1, the codelists should be downloaded separately from the codelists page.

Codelists Issue 31 is close to completion, having been circulated to National Groups at the beginning of September, and following discussion and ratification of the new codes during the ONIX International Steering Committee, Issue 31 will be released at the end of October.

The new codes will be released alongside tightened validation requirements for existing numerical data elements in ONIX 3.0 – the updated XML schemas will require some elements to be integers and others to be real numbers, and some will allow zero and some will not. A short paper outlining these requirements is available here. These validation requirements do not affect ONIX 2.1.

Planned update to ONIX 3.0

EDItEUR has been collecting suggestions and requirements for the next minor update of ONIX 3.0, which is planned for releast at the end of this year. Release 3.0.3 will maintain the two-year cadence of minor updates started in 2012 with 3.0.1, and like the earlier 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 updates, it will be fully backwards-compatible and all the additions will be optional.

A range of potential updates has been circulated to ONIX national groups for discussion. These will be discussed by the ONIX International Steering Committee at its meeting during the Frankfurt Book Fair. Not all suggestions will be ratified, but those which provide the most valuable extra capabilities – in enhanced discoverability, improvements in merchandising and so on – while also being relatively simple for data supplies and recipients to implement will be ratified for inclusion in the updated standard.

Interested EDItEUR members who are not represented by ONIX national groups should get in touch to discuss the proposals. They include:

as well as more than a dozen others. The Steering Committee and EDItEUR will need to balance the value delivered by any new data elements with the likelihood of broad support by data providers and recipients, so comments on the proposals are welcome (particularly before the Frankfurt Book Fair) – e-mail

ONIX news in brief

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News from ICEDIS: serials, subscriptions & library supply

Frankfurt ICEDIS meeting – a reminder

The next full meeting of the ICEDIS Committee – EDItEUR’s special interest group for the serials, subscriptions and library sectors – will take place just before the Frankfurt Book Fair. We will meet on the afternoon of Monday 12th October, from 13.30 to 16.30, at the Hotel Bristol, Ludwigstrasse 15, Frankfurt am Main.

The agenda for the meeting will be distributed shortly. Key topics will include updates on the recent activities of the ICEDIS Open Access working group and the resulting extensions to ONIX-PC, as well as the election of a new ICEDIS co-chair. We look forward to welcoming you to a lively and informative session – please let Tim Devenport at EDItEUR know if you plan to attend so that we can arrange the logistics.

ICEDIS and EDItEUR at the Charleston Conference

For colleagues based in North America, we will be presenting a combined ICEDIS Meeting and update on EDItEUR’s wider activities immediately before the Charleston Conference. The session will take place 10.30 until 1.00pm on Wednesday 4th Novenber in the Park View Room of the Francis Marion Hotel, 387 King St, Charleston, SC 29403 – as regular Charleston attendees will know, the Francis Marion is the main venue for the Charleston Conference.

Representatives of any EDItEUR member organization will be very welcome. Serials-related topics will focus on the new version 1.2 of ONIX-PC and the extensions it contains to support open access as well as paid-for subscriptions products. We will also range more widely over other EDItEUR activities, notably ONIX for Books, the Thema international subject classification scheme, and the license-expression format ONIX-PL.

The meeting agenda will be mailed out shortly, and once again, please let Tim Devenport at EDItEUR know if you plan to attend. Looking forward to seein’ y’all in Charleston!

Nominations still open for ICEDIS Co-Chair

As mentioned in the July EDItEUR Newsletter, ICEDIS co-chair Dan Heffernan of Advantage will be standing down on completing a very productive three-year term. So, as specified in the ICEDIS committee terms of reference, we are looking for a volunteer to take up the role and serve alongside the other co-chair, Shilo de Vries of Taylor & Francis, and have received one nomination to date. If you would like to know more about what the position entails, please drop a line to Tim or speak to Dan or Shilo directly.

Open Access products in ONIX-PC: Version 1.2

Business requirements formulated by the ICEDIS Open Access working group have been used to develop Version 1.2 of the ONIX-PC standard. While retaining backwards compatibility with earlier releases, Version 1.2 is also able to communicate various features describing specifically OA resources.

For example, it is possible to categorize which OA model (gold, green, etc) is used by a particular journal, whether the publication is fully or hybrid OA, which types of OA license are routinely offered by that journal, and so on. There is also extensive provision for descriptions of APC (article processing charge) policies and prices, embargoes that may be involved, and details of any registration that may be required.

A draft Version 1.2 of ONIX-PC for piloting will be published on the EDItEUR website shortly. This version is fully documented and supported by a draft XML schema and a range of sample files, all intended to assist developers in constructing and validating test files. If you would like to know more about the Working Group or this new, OA-focussed version of ONIX-PC, please contact Tim.

ONIX Serials Code Lists Issue 8

The ONIX code lists maintained by EDItEUR provide an extensive set of controlled vocabularies for communicating often-encountered elements of metadata. An updated Issue 8 of the ONIX Serials Code Lists will be published shortly in conjunction with the release of ONIX-PC Version 1.2. Issue 8 contains several new lists and values required to support the OA enhancements contained in Version 1.2.

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Other Major Projects


EDItEUR and project partner Cineca have delivered the final XML data schema to be used by European film heritage institutions and film libraries for data exchange within the project. The EU-funded Forward project aims to create an EU-wide, standardized system to assess and register the rights status of audiovisual works with a particular focus on orphans.

The assessment of the rights status for audiovisual works is critical for their re-use in commercial distribution or for cultural and educational purposes, for example in the context of large digitization projects. Unfortunately, the rights status of such works is more often than not unclear and very difficult to assess, making a significant amount of works inaccessible.

The Forward XML schema – based upon the EN15907 Film Identification standard developed on behalf of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) – is for communication of structured information about cinematographic works and various key ‘agents’ – directors, producers, composers and performers – with whom the rights are associated.

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Forthcoming Events

Liber 2015

Tuesday 6–Friday 9 October 2015. Hall 14.1, Feria de Madrid, Avda. del Partenón 5, 28042 Madrid, Spain

IFEMA is organising the LIBER International Book Fair, which will be celebrating its 33rd edition at Feria de Madrid. The Fair, promoted by EDItEUR charter member Federación de Gremios de Editores de España (FGEE), will present a renewed event adapted to the needs of the industry, capable of providing business opportunities to the main publishing houses.

LIBER is the largest showcase for books in the Spanish language and the main business and professional exchange centre for the industry. It is open to all book-related sectors, with special emphasis on digital content, new publishers, self-publishing and literary agents. Click for further details of the programme (in Spanish) or visit the event website.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Wednesday 14–Sunday 18 October 2015. Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This year's fair will be the first with a new concept and a new hall layout, and the Guest of Honour is Indonesia. EDItEUR presents its 37th International Supply Chain Seminar – the essential pre-Fair event, and the Frankfurt Business Club will return to offer a comprehensive range of visitor services: further details at the top of this newsletter. EDItEUR members benefit from savings on registration for these events.

As usual, EDItEUR will be hosting several meetings ahead of the Book Fair and you can view details of these events in their individual entries below.

Thema International Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday 14 October 2015, 10:00–12:00. Room Brillanz, Hall 4.2

The Thema International Steering Committee will meet again during the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair. As the Thema subject classification code system continues to gain traction, this meeting will look at the increase in usage and translations of the code lists amongst other topics. Participation is open to all Committee members, or by invitation only.

ONIX for Books International Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday 14 October 2015, 13:00–15:00. Room Facette, Hall 3.via West

The next meeting of the ONIX for Books International Steering Committee will be held at Frankfurt Book Fair. The Committee will, as always, discuss the latest additions to the codelists, proposals for revision 3.0.3 and other developments in the ONIX for Books standard. Participation is open to all Committee members or by invitation only.

Please note that this meeting will start at 13:00 CET, 30 minutes earlier than usual, in response to requests that the running time of the meeting is extended to two hours.

EDItEUR Open Meeting for Members

Wednesday 14 October 2015, 15:30–17:00. Room Facette, Hall 3.via West

EDItEUR is delighted to announce its usual Open Meeting for Members at Frankfurt Book Fair. The meeting, which is free and open to all members of EDItEUR, is a good opportunity to learn about EDItEUR's work over the last few months with the standards and identifiers that it administers, along with the major projects in which it is involved.

Members will also have the opportunity to meet the EDItEUR staff, learn about EDItEUR's focus for the immediate future and to ask questions and provide feedback, as well as suggesting areas that EDItEUR might look at in the coming months.

TISP Money for Innovation Seminar

Thursday 15 October 2015, 10:30–12:00. Room Facette, Hall 3.via West

Subtitled ‘How the European Commission promotes growth for creative industries’, this seminar covers the launch of a new financing facility for digital innovation in small and medium-sized publishing enterprises, and the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme, as well as reviewing recent initiatives promoting technical innovation in the publishing sector.

Attendance is free for TISP member organisations and associated companies. Further details are available here. To attend this event, please e-mail specifying name of the participant, company and e-mail address.

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For further details, contact

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