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Newsletter September 2014


Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt International Book Fair takes place between Wednesday 8 October and Sunday 12 October 2014. However, EDItEUR staff will be working in Frankfurt from Monday 6th on a variety of events and meetings. Details of the CONTEC Conference and the Frankfurt Business Club appear below, whilst details of EDItEUR meetings for its committees and members can be found in our Forthcoming Events section.

CONTEC Conference

EDItEUR is delighted to be producing the Supply Chain Track, an integral part of the CONTEC Conference, and we look forward to seeing many colleagues at this year’s conference. The event takes place on Tuesday 7 October, and is this year returning to Hall 4 of the Frankfurt Messe.


The CONTEC Conference will explore solutions for offering platform-independent reading experiences that are sustainable, consumer-oriented and profitable. The event programme can be found here.

Standard registration for CONTEC is €490 + VAT but EDItEUR is offering an exclusive saving of 20% on CONTEC tickets. Register for a one day Business Club ticket at http://buchmesse.de/en/businessclub/tickets/, and use the promotional code 2014BCEDItEUR20.

Frankfurt Business Club

Business Club logo

New for 2014 is the Frankfurt Business Club. The Business Club offers a comprehensive range of services and a brand new way to experience the Book Fair. With its flexible range of conferences – including CONTEC and StoryDrive – consultation sessions, exclusive seminars, networking formats and meeting lounges, the Business Club offers inspiration, guidance and a space where new business ideas can flourish. Take advantage of the Club’s comfortable atmosphere for your meetings and negotiations, and put together a customised personal event and networking programme to meet your needs.

To register for the Business Club, including CONTEC, StoryDrive and all the other Business Club facilities and events, you can purchase a full week ticket at http://buchmesse.de/en/businessclub/tickets/ and save 20% off standard Business Club registration with code 2014BCEDItEUR20.

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International ISBN Agency News

The International ISBN Agency hosted its Annual General Meeting in Istanbul in September. All 151 national agencies were invited and final attendance was around 80 delegates from over 50 agencies, an impressive turnout. For the first time, the International ISBN Agency hosted its AGM in conjunction with similar annual meetings of two other ISO standards agencies – for the ISMN (International Standard Music Number) and the ISSN (the International Standard Serial Number). The International ISBN Agency is very grateful to Carolin Unger and Gaelle Bequet respectively for their help in making the week a success for all participants.

Istambul meeting

Sincere thanks also go to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, which runs the ISBN agency in Ankara, and which hosted and arranged the Istanbul meeting. There are additional logistical requirements in hosting a meeting for three different identifiers, and it is testament to them that the meeting ran so smoothly.

In what has been a very busy year for the International ISBN Agency, there were several key themes explored during the meeting. These included an update on the ongoing revision to the ISBN standard with ISO, feedback on the new website and database of the International ISBN Agency which was released earlier in the year, and even an initial look at the 50th anniversary of the concept of standard book numbering which falls in 2015.

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ONIX for Books

Codelists Issue 27

Issue 26 of the ONIX codelists was published at the end of July, as detailed in the previous Newsletter. And Issue 27 is currently under consideration by ONIX national groups around the world. This is a relatively small update with minor updates in several of the lists, and it includes an enhancement of list 96 (Currency codes) that aims to indicate the preferred number of decimal places to use with each currency – for example US Dollars, it is $9.95 with two decimal places, but for Bahraini Dinars, BD2.975 with three decimal places is usual, and for Japanese Yen, ¥900, no decimal places are used.

The proposals for Issue 27 also include refinements to the way book collections (series and sets) are handled in special circumstances encountered particularly with French language publishing, and a number of new Product contact types (for including the contact details of individuals or departments within the publisher for review end evaluation copies, permissions, promotion and accessibility requests etc.)

Issue 27 is intended for ratification at the meeting of the ONIX International Steering Committee during the Frankfurt Book Fair, and should be published before the end of October.

Issue 28 is planned for publication in January 2015, so if you have suggestions or requirments for new codes, these should be discussed with EDItEUR or with your ONIX national group.

ONIX news in brief

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Thema development

In line with decisions taken by the Thema International Steering Committee at its meeting during the London Book Fair in April, a technical working group was created to look at proposals for a version 1.1 of the scheme. This proposal is now complete, thanks to the efforts of Fride Fosseng (Bokbasen, Norway), Detlef Bauer (Libri, Germany), Michael Olenick (Bowker, US) and chair of the Thema steering committee Howard Willows (Nielsen, UK). The proposal lays out around 125 new Thema subject categories and a handful of new qualifiers, plus some new guidance for use and combination of codes.

The proposal will now be scrutinised by the Thema steering committee, and subject to a few corrections, is likely to be ratified and published within the next couple of momths. Note that it will be entirely compatible with the existing version 1.0 – there are extra categories, but no existing categories will be removed or modified, so no existing Thema work will be invalidated.

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Licensing Terms and Rights Information

ONIX-PL Update: Release of ONIX-PL Dictionary Issue 5

On 2 September, EDItEUR released issue 5 of the ONIX for Publications Licenses codelists. You can now download this new version from the EDItEUR website, together with a full range of supporting materials.

This update to the Dictionary is the most extensive to date. Fifty-six new terms have been added. Most of these have been defined to meet requirements identified by ONIX-PL users, principally JISC Collections, Kuali OLE, and the recent NISO ONIX-PL encoding project. As always, to maintain backwards compatibility, we have not removed any previously published values, but a handful have been marked as ‘deprecated’, and have been replaced by new terms. We strongly recommend that deprecated values should no longer be used; and, while there is no need for ONIX-PL users to take immediate action, it is good practice to update existing ONIX-PL expressions with the new terms when convenient.

Adding new vocabulary to the Dictionary enables the ONIX-PL format to keep up-to-date with developments in electronic resource licensing without any change to the underlying schema, which has remained stable since its first publication in November 2008. Two noteworthy examples in Issue 5 are improvements to the treatment of continuing access rights to subscribed materials after a subscription has been terminated, and new provision for handling Open Access materials supplied alongside proprietary content.

Both of these two extensions to ONIX-PL functionality are described in detail in guidance notes published alongside the regular materials for Issue 5.

The full list of changes made in Issue 5 is now on the website. Following EDItEUR practice with other ONIX standards, previously published notes on changes made in Issues 2, 3 and 4 remain available for reference.

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News from ICEDIS: serials, subscriptions & library supply

ICEDIS Meeting in Frankfurt

The next ICEDIS meeting is rapidly approaching! On the afternoon of Monday 6 October, ICEDIS will hold its regular session just ahead of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The meeting will take place at the Hotel Bristol, Ludwigstrasse 15, Frankfurt am Main and will be open to any members of EDItEUR with a special interest in serials and subscriptions issues. If you would like an agenda or wish to let us know that you will be attending, please email tim@editeur.org.

A central theme of the agenda will again be the planned migration to a new set of ICEDIS standards, informed by the results of a recent survey that we have undertaken (see next). There will also be reports on the continued rollout of the ONIX-PC serials price catalog, and on the first conference call of a group of members interested in open access. And to put our efforts in a wider perspective, we are looking forward to informal guest presentations from Springer’s Henning Schoenenberger and from Gaelle Bequet, Director of the ISSN International Centre. Do join us in Frankfurt if you can!

ICEDIS Standards Survey 2014

As some readers will already know, we have been running an online ICEDIS Standards Survey during September. The survey has two main objectives: first to establish ‘who’s doing what’ in terms of implementing standards for metadata exchanges and automated processing, and second to investigate factors that will be crucial in building the business case for eventual migrations to newer standards.

A full report on the survey results will be presented at the October ICEDIS meeting. Meantime, if you haven’t yet done so, please take the opportunity to register your input https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FBPGGXF. It should not take more than 10—15 minutes.

An Open Access Working Group?

During August, the ICEDIS group held an initial conference call to discuss whether it should establish a working group to consider the many ways in which open access business models are affecting the subscriptions supply chain. Themes covered during the call were fairly diverse, ranging from minor adaptations of existing standards through to workflows and procedures for the collection of Article Processing Charges (APCs). Headline outcomes from the call will be reviewed at the Frankfurt ICEDIS meeting so that the committee can decide upon the best way forward.

EDItEUR and ICEDIS at the Charleston Conference

On the morning of Wednesday 5 November we will again be holding a North American ICEDIS meeting and update session at the Charleston Conference, to engage with North American members of EDItEUR. We are also hoping for a number of drop-in attendees, primarily librarians, from this well-supported conference, so that we can continue to spread the word about ICEDIS and EDItEUR’s wider activities including ONIX for Books, ONIX-PL and the international subject classification scheme Thema.

An agenda will be distributed shortly: please contact tim@editeur.org if you would like to attend the meeting, which will take place at the Holiday Inn Charleston Historic Downtown, 425 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29403.

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Other Major Projects

Approaching completion of DCH-RP

The DCH-RP project (Digital Cultural Heritage: a Roadmap for Preservation) is approaching its conclusion, with a final plenary meeting in Rome taking place this week. EDItEUR has participated throughout the project, with a particular focus on identifying factors that are considered important in convincing publishers to partner with cultural heritage institutions in exploiting digital cultural resources. During the course of the month we intend to provide feedback to those who kindly contributed to an online survey on this subject and a wrap-up report on the project and its main conclusions will appear in the November newsletter.

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Forthcoming Events

ICEDIS Meeting at Frankfurt

Monday 6 October 2014, 14:00–17:00. Room Manhattan, Bristol Hotel, Ludwigstrasse 15, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The EDItEUR group for serials and subscriptions standards will meet at Hotel Bristol just ahead of the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair. The group brings together business and technical representatives from the world's leading journal publishers, subscription agents, distributors and other intermediaries in the library supply chain.

Attendance is free, but is by invitation only. Please e-mail Tim Devenport at info@editeur.org if you would like to come to this ICEDIS Meeting.

CONTEC Frankfurt 2014

Tuesday 7 October 09:00–17:00. Hall 4, Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

EDItEUR is delighted to be participating in CONTEC Frankfurt once again, in collaboration with Frankfurt Book Fair. CONTEC Frankfurt delivers the inspiration you need to continue the next leg of the digital journey. It celebrates industry success stories and scrutinises issues with the global perspective you’ll only find at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Further details can be found above.

Thema International Steering Committee

Wednesday 8 October 2014, 10:00–12:00. Room Brillianz, Hall 4.2, Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

As the rapid rise of the Thema global subject classification scheme continues, the next meeting of the International Steering Committee (ISC) takes place during Frankfurt Book Fair. The ISC is the body that administers this global subject classification scheme and it includes representatives from Thema national groups in many countries.

This event is open to members of the Thema International Steering Committee.

ONIX for Books International Steering Committee

Wednesday 8 October 2014, 13:30–15:00. Room Facette, Hall 3.via West, Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The next meeting of the International Steering Committee (ISC) for ONIX for Books will take place during Frankfurt Book Fair. The ISC will discuss additions and changes to the ONIX for Books standard, including updates to the codelists. This meeting will also be the last of the ISC before the sunset of ONIX 2.1 support on 31 December 2014.

This event is open to members of the ONIX International Steering Committee.

EDItEUR Open Meeting

Wednesday 8 October 2014, 15:30–17:00, Room Facette, Hall 3.via West, Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

EDItEUR’s Open Meeting for Members will take place at Frankfurt Book Fair. The meeting, which is free and open to all members of EDItEUR, is a good opportunity to learn about EDItEUR’s work over the last few months with the standards and identifiers that it administers, along with the major projects in which it is involved. Members will also have the opportunity to learn about EDItEUR’s focus for the immediate future, to ask questions and provide feedback, as well as suggesting areas that EDItEUR might look at in the coming months.

Charleston Conference 2014

5–8th November 2014. Various venues in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

The Charleston Conference is an annual gathering of librarians, publishers, electronic resource managers, consultants, and vendors of library materials in Charleston to discuss issues of importance to them all. Registration for the 2014 event is now open.

ICEDIS North America Meeting

Wednesday 5 November 2014, 10:00–13:00. Holiday Inn Charleston Historic Downtown, 425 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

The 2014 North American meeting of the ICEDIS group will be held in conjunction with the Charleston Conference. This edition in the ICEDIS calendar is aimed towards North American participants in particular, and will provide detailed updates and discussions of current ICEDIS initiatives.

Attendance is free for EDItEUR members and non-members, but is by invitation only. Please e-mail Tim Devenport at tim@editeur.org if you would like to attend this ICEDIS meeting.

UKSG One-Day Conference: researchers' needs from funding to outputs and beyond

Thursday 20 November 2014, 09:40–17:30. Grand Connaught Rooms (Edinburgh and Drawing Room), 61–65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA, UK

UKSG’s 2014 one-day Conference brings together speakers from across the knowledge community to help delegates understand the critical issues that shape what we all do. This event is aimed at librarians and publishers who want to better understand how the changes in scholarly communications are impacting on the wider research community. It will be of particular benefit to librarians who are responsible for engaging with researchers and to publishers who want to know how the changing requirements of scholarly communication will impact their work.

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