Newsletter July 2016


Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 is fast approaching and so we are pleased to provide some initial information about the 2016 fair and EDItEUR's activities in Frankfurt.

Following last year’s successful re-launch of EDItEUR’s Supply Chain Seminar as an independent event, EDItEUR will once again be hosting the 38th International Supply Chain Seminar. We are pleased once again to have worked closely with Frankfurt Book Fair on this, and the Seminar will again be held within the Buchmesse on the day before the main Fair opens. It’s a half-day event beginning at 1pm on Tuesday 18th October, and will as always focus on the technical aspects of publishing metadata and identifiers, standards and supply chain communication in which EDItEUR specialises.

EDItEUR will of course also be holding its usual meetings for the International Committees for ICEDIS, Thema and ONIX, as well as its Open Meeting for Members and a new EDItX International Steering Committee meeting. We would love to see as many representatives from our membership as possible at these meetings, details for which can be found in the Forthcoming Events listing below.

EDItEUR is also supporting the Frankfurt Business Club, with an exclusive 25% promotional offer on registration for the Business Club or for THE MARKETS conference.

38th International Supply Chain Seminar

EDItEUR announces its annual International Supply Chain Seminar, a mini-conference dedicated to metadata and content standards for book and e-book publishing – it’s the essential pre-Frankfurt event for publishers, distributors, booksellers and service providers keen to boost the effectiveness of their business.

Tuesday 18th October, 1:00pm until 5:30, followed by a reception
Room Concord, Halle 4.C
via EventBrite. Early-bird tickets from £130 until 7th August
Note that ticketing for the Supply Chain Seminar does not include entry
to the Book Fair itself for 14–18th October

The speaker programme will focus on real-world case studies, standards and best practices, and strategies that use technology to extract the most value from the supply chain, and the main programme will be followed by a reception to celebrate 25 years of EDItEUR. Last year’s seminar was sold out, so ensure you register in good time.

EDItEUR thanks its partner the Frankfurter Buchmesse for helping to make this event possible.

Frankfurt Business Club – the full-service Fair experience

business club logo

If you’re looking for the perfect place to work and hold your business meetings, a place where you can discover the latest industry trends and make new business contacts, then be sure to book your Business Club ticket for the Frankfurt Book Fair in good time. You can choose between registering for a 1-day visit to the Fair, or a full 6-day ticket. The 6-day ticket also includes entry to the conferences of the Frankfurt Book Fair on the Tuesday before the fair: THE MARKETS and the Frankfurt Rights Meeting. More information at

Exclusive discount for EDItEUR members

Save up to €312 – use the promo code 2016BCSpecialEDItEUR25 for a 25% discount on 1- or 6-day Business Club registration. The 6-day option includes THE MARKETS conference and the Frankfurt Rights Meeting. This code can also be used for 25% discount on separate registration for THE MARKETS.

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International ISBN Agency News

Revision of ISBN Standard

The Working Group convened to review the ISBN standard – ISO 2108:2005 – completed its editing of the text of the standard in late 2015, and the group’s latest official draft of the revised standard was issued for ballot in February 2016. Votes have been cast by national standards bodies which are participating members of ISO/TC46/SC9, the sub-committee within the International Standards Oganisation to which ISBN ‘belongs’. (The subcommittee also oversees ISNI, DOI, ISTC, ISSN and a range of other publishing identifier standards.)

Following a 3-month voting period, the very good news is that 30 members of the subcommittee voted in favour of the draft, no members voted against and just two abstained. This 100% approval (abstentions are not counted) means it was comfortably ahead of the two-thirds approval level for drafts to qualify for progression to the next stage of the process.

A small number of comments were submitted with the votes, and these have now been considered by the Working Group. Major changes to the draft are not required, and so it’s anticipated that the final revised standard will be published later this year. The International ISBN Agency will provide a summary of the changes from the previous edition, once all final changes are collated. In the meantime, the Working Group members around the globe deserve thanks and praise for their contributions to this project – and for committing to conference calls at some very unsociable hours in order to accommodate all the time zones involved!

Meetings with ISBN registration agencies

The Balkan Regional Meeting of ISBN registration agencies has been held annually for several years: this year's meeting was held in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska. Our hosts were the National and University Library of Republic of Srpska and we thank Marija Pavlović, Tatjana Dunović and their colleagues for their generous hosting of the event. Representatives from the ISBN registration gencies of Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro as well as Srpksa and the International ISBN Agency attended the meeting.

ISBN Annual General Meeting

Preparations are well underway for the ISBN Annual General Meeting which this year will take place in Vienna, Austria – thanks to our kind hosts from Hauptverband des Österreichischen Buchhandels who operate the ISBN Registration Agency of Austria. We anticipate that around 60 or so ISBN registration agencies will be represented at the meeting in September.

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Thema version 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of Thema, the international, multilingual subject category scheme is now available. The updated version 1.2 is now live on the online browser at, and is also available in numerous formats – Excel, HTML, PDF, XML and so on – from the EDItEUR website.

Thema 1.2 browser, German interface Thema 1.1 browser, Portuguese interface

Meanwhile, national groups responsible for maintaining each Thema language are working to add to and refine their translations. Updated translations for Spanish, Swedish, Polish and German (above left) are already available, and many more will be added over next couple of months. The latest to join the Thema ‘family’ are draft translations in Portuguese (above right) and Lithuanian. (These are currently based on version 1.1, but will be updated to 1.2 as they are finalised.)

A set of national extensions for geographical subdivisions of China have now been agreed with the Chinese Thema national group, and they will be added to version 1.2 after final ratification by the other national groups on the International Steering Committee during August. A full Chinese translation of Thema 1.2 is expected to be published at the same time.

Thema news in brief

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ONIX for Books

ONIX Codelists Issue 34 published

A regular update of the ONIX Codelists – Issue 34 – was published 25th July. After the previous substantial update in April, which included support for new codelists added in ONIX 3.0.3, Issue 34 includes a relatively modest number of additional codes and clarifications, including:

As always, the latest codelists can be downloaded in various formats – readable HTML, CSV, XML etc from the Codelists page on the EDItEUR website, and it has also been integrated into the documentation for ONIX 3.0.

In line with the planned reduction of support for older versions of ONIX, Issue 34 is the second release that does not feature any updates specifically aimed at ONIX 2.1. Certain of the lists that are only used with 2.1 – for example lists 7, 10, 26 and 78 – were ‘frozen’ at Issue 32, and there will be no further additions. Version 2.1 does continue to benefit – at least theoretically – from additions to codelists that are shared with 3.0, but some recipients may consider issue 32 to be the last codelist release for 2.1.

At its London meeting in April, the ONIX International Steering Committee discussed briefly when the 2.1-only lists should be removed completely from new codelist issues. This would mean a particular future release would be the last that could be used with 2.1, and beyond that, further releases would be 3.0-only. Based on that discussion, Issue 36 (January 2017) could be the last version of the codelists usable with ONIX 2.1. To be crystal clear, this does not mean ONIX 2.1 will be unusable after the beginning of 2017 – it means only that no further new codes will be added, even as a side-effect of adding them to ONIX 3.0. However, this timetable is not yet ‘set in stone’, and comments are invited to Graham Bell.

The next issue of the codelists is planned for publication in late October.

ONIX news in brief

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ONIX for Licensing Terms

OPLE Build 1.2.4

A new build of the OPLE software for creating, editing and displaying ONIX-PL license expressions has been released and is available on the EDItEUR website. The new build is numbered 1.2.4, and supersedes build 1.2.3 which was released in 2011. Build 1.2.4 delivers a substantially updated version of the script used to create the ‘summary view’ of an ONIX-PL expression. This update is needed so that the summary view can fully reflect additions made to the ONIX-PL vocabulary in recent issues of the Dictionary. The opportunity has also been taken to correct a very small number of minor bugs.

The new build is accompanied by revised instructions for installing OPLE or updating a previous installation. Existing OPLE users are strongly advised to update their installation to this latest version.

ONIX-PL Dictionary Issue 7

Simultaneously, a new version, Issue 7, of the ONIX-PL Dictionary has been released. Issue 7 contains only a very few additions to the ONIX-PL vocabulary, but two are considered important, one to enable the ‘share-alike’ terms of some Creative Commons licenses to be expressed, and the other for the description of conditions relating to open access content that are increasingly being found in publishers’ licenses.

By updating an OPLE installation to build 1.2.4, this latest issue of the Dictionary is automatically installed.

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News from ICEDIS: serials, subscriptions & library supply

Using ONIX-PC to communicate subs year 2017 information

As serials professionals will be only too well aware, the 2017 subscription year is already upon us! Over the next few months, publishers and intermediaries will be busy communicating details of programmes, products and prices through the supply chain and on to library purchasers and end-users.

Earlier this year, several key organisations carried out significant work to facilitate information exchanges using the ONIX-PC format – developed by EDItEUR to support the communication of structured metadata about serials products. Some senders will continue to use the established version 1.1.1, whilst others will take advantage of the more recent version 1.2 that supports both paid-for and open access products.

EDItEUR’s Tim Devenport will be organizing a phone conference around the end of July to check on user status and to ‘iron out any remaining wrinkles’ in the process. Meantime, if you are a customer or partner of publishers Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Elsevier or Cambridge University Press, or subscription agencies Harrassowitz, LM Info or EBSCO, do check in with your regular business contact if you would like to receive (or communicate) serials metadata in ONIX-PC format.

ICEDIS as a wider forum for standards-related discussions

New ICEDIS co-chairs, ProQuest’s Laurie Kaplan and Springer Nature’s Henning Schönenberger, have had the opportunity for some first exchanges with Tim Devenport about how well ICEDIS is meeting the needs of the EDItEUR membership, and how the ‘serials interest group’ might usefully evolve over coming years. We would like to share some of these ideas and invite comments at both forthcoming meetings this Autumn (see below). But already, several potentially useful strands have already emerged:

If you have views or suggestions on how ICEDIS might usefully evolve, please do get involved. Contact one or other of the co-chairs, or email Tim Devenport at EDItEUR.

Following the pattern of recent years, ICEDIS will again be holding two full meetings for members and other interested parties during the Autumn, one in Europe and one in the United States. The first will be held in Frankfurt on the Monday afternoon at the beginning of the week of the Book Fair (17th October). The second – aimed particularly at our friends and colleagues in North America – will take place during the week of the Charleston Conference. The session will be held on the morning of Wednesday 2nd November (for further meeting details, see Forthcoming Events below). Agendas and more formal invitations will follow a little nearer the time, but if you’re interested, pencil in the dates now or contact Tim if you would like to know more.

The ISNI identifier and communications about serials

Most readers will be aware that one of EDItEUR’s most important activities – alongside its standards work – is providing management services to the International ISBN Agency. Less well known is EDItEUR’s work to provide secretariat support to the International Agency for the ISNI – the ISO standard for party identifiers (more formally, the International Standard Name Identifier, ISO 27729:2012).

There are approaching ten million ISNI party identifiers already assigned, and the ISNI has been actively adopted in a number of domains, including in library authority files identifying contributors in the books and journals worlds, as well as for identification of creative figures in the film, music and other sectors. ISNIs are seen more and more often, in catalogues and metadata, on Wikipedia and wherever reliable identification, disambiguation and collocation of names is required. Closer to the interests of ICEDIS members, several initiatives are underway to assign ISNIs to publishers, imprints and other organisation entities in the supply chain, particularly so that rights information can more readily be exchanged without ambiguities in resolving the players involved.

ISNI-IA member organizations such as the British Library, the Bibliotheque nationale de France, Publishers Licensing Society and the ISSN International Centre are actively engaged in these activities, whilst Ringgold acts as an ISNI Registration Agency with specific focus on organizational identifiers. Tim Devenport can provide contacts and further information if you would like to learn more.

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Other projects

FORWARD: unlocking orphan resources in European film archives

Over the last eighteen months, EDItEUR has been providing standards- and message-related support to Italian computing consortium CINECA, which is a partner in the EU-sponsored FORWARD project. FORWARD itself is an initiative led by national film heritage institutions (FHIs) in a number of European countries. It seeks first to establish a shared metadata database on the thousands of film and audiovisual resources held by the FHIs and second to highlight works that have been determined as having ‘orphan’ status – thus opening up possibilities for the wider exploitation of these orphan works.

The collaboration between EDItEUR and CINECA has had three main phases:

Please contact either CINECA or EDItEUR if you would like to learn more about FORWARD itself or the approaches it has used.

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Forthcoming Events

EDItEUR’s 38th International Supply Chain Seminar

1:00–5:30pm followed by a reception, Tuesday 18th October 2016, Room Concord, Halle 4.C, Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

EDItEUR’s annual International Supply Chain Seminar – a mini-conference dedicated to metadata and content standards for book and e-book publishing – is the essential pre-Frankfurt event for publishers, distributors, booksellers and service providers keen to boost the effectiveness of their business. Registration via EventBrite.


2:00–5:00pm, Monday 17th October 2016, Manhattan Room, Hotel Bristol, Ludwigstrasse 15, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

ICEDIS will hold its next full meeting in Frankfurt, at the beginning of the week of the Book Fair. This is intended for members of EDItEUR with a particular interest in serials and subscriptions.

EDItEUR EDItX International Steering Committee Meeting

9:15–10:15am, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Consens, Hall 4.C, Frankfurt Book Fair

The initial meeting of a new International Steering Committee for the EDItX family of messaging standards. Participation is by invitation only.

EDItEUR Thema International Steering Committee Meeting

10:30am–12:00, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Brillanz, Hall 4.2, Frankfurt Book Fair

The Thema International Steering Committee will meet again during the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair. Following release of Thema 1.2, this meeting will look at the increase in adoption and translations of the code lists, amongst other topics. Participation is open to all Committee members, or by invitation only.

EDItEUR ONIX International Steering Committee Meeting

1:30–3:00pm, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Facette, Hall 3. Via, Frankfurt Book Fair

The next meeting of the ONIX for Books International Steering Committee will be held on the first full day of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Committee will, as always, discuss the latest additions to the codelists, proposals for revision 3.0.3 and other developments in the ONIX for Books standard. Please note the meeting is for representatives of the ONIX National Groups, and observers by invitation only.

EDItEUR Open Meeting for Members

3:30–5:00pm, Wednesday 19 October 2016, Room Facette, Hall 3. Via, Frankfurt Book Fair

EDItEUR is delighted to announce its Open Meeting for Members at Frankfurt Book Fair. The meeting, which is free and open to all members of EDItEUR, is a good opportunity to learn about EDItEUR's work over the last few months with the standards and identifiers that it administers, along with the major projects in which it is involved. Members will also have the opportunity to meet the EDItEUR staff, learn about EDItEUR's focus for the immediate future and to ask questions and provide feedback, as well as suggesting areas that EDItEUR might look at in the coming months.

BIC New Trends in Publishing seminar

6th September 2016, Stationers' Hall, Ave Maria Lane, London EC4M 7DD, UK

BIC's annual New Trends seminar provides an overview of the latest developments across the industry supply chain. Speakers this year will include Ruth Jones of Ingram Content Group, Andre Breedt and Stephen Long of Nielsen, Richard Orme of the DAISY Consortium and Natalie Smith of Harbottle and Lewis. Programme details from BIC, and registration via EventBrite.

ALPSP Annual Conference

14–16th September 2016, Park Inn Heathrow, London, UK, Bath Road, London, Heathrow, Middlesex UB7 0DU, UK

The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers Conference provides a friendly forum in which to share information and knowledge, learn about new initiatives, and engage in open discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing society publishing today. With expert speakers and a wide ranging programme, the ALPSP Conference is for everyone in the learned and professional publishing community. Details from

LIBER Book Fair

12–14th October 2016, Gran Via exhibition centre, Avinguda de Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Liber brings together every single book sector. This year it is paying special attention to digital content, new publishers, self-publishing and literary agents. Promoted by the Spanish Publishers' Association, the international Book Fair is the world's leading event dedicated to books in the Spanish language. The Digital Zone has established itself as a great business opportunity for companies that offer products and technological services applied to the book industry. Details from

UKSG Conference London

15th November 2016, Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DA, UK

Expert speakers from the serials world will tackle issues including whether libraries are adapting their content and services to reflect changing behaviours and expectations in the scholarly communications ecosystem. Details from

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For further details, contact

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