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Newsletter July 2014


CONTEC Conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair

EDItEUR will once again be participating in the CONTEC Conference, the day prior to the opening of the Frankfurt International Book Fair. And this year, CONTEC returns to the spiritual home of the former EDItEUR Supply Chain Seminar, Hall 4 of the Frankfurt Messe.


CONTEC Frankfurt – the pre-Frankfurt conference event – is where global pioneers, experts and trendsetters from the industry gather to share their experience and knowledge, and discuss the essentials of innovation in publishing. EDItEUR’s unique Supply Chain track will run as part of CONTEC.

CONTEC Frankfurt will take place on Tuesday October 7th, 9am–5pm followed by a networking reception in the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club.

Register now and save

To register for CONTEC before the end of July, sign up for a one-day Business Club ticket at http://buchmesse.de/en/businessclub/tickets/ and use the promo code 2014BCEDItEUREarlyBird5.

After 31st July, use promo code 2014BCEDItEUR20 for a 20% discount on the standard registration.

Frankfurt Business Club

Business Club logo

The Business Club offers a comprehensive range of services and a brand new way to experience the Book Fair. With its flexible range of conferences – including CONTEC and StoryDrive – consultation sessions, exclusive seminars, networking formats and meeting lounges, the Business Club offers inspiration, guidance and a space where new business ideas can flourish. Take advantage of the Club’s comfortable atmosphere for your meetings and negotiations, and put together a customised personal event and networking programme to meet your needs.

To register for the Business Club, including CONTEC, StoryDrive and all the other Business Club facilities and events, and save 5% off the Early Bird price, sign up for the full week ticket at http://buchmesse.de/en/businessclub/tickets/ before the end of July, and use the promo code 2014BCEDItEUREarlyBird5. After 31st July, save 20% off standard Business Club registration with code 2014BCEDItEUR20.

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International ISBN Agency News

The International ISBN Agency participated in regional ISBN meetings in May and June.

The first, a regional meeting of the Balkan group of ISBN agencies, took place in Cetinje, Montenegro on 28–29 May, kindly hosted by the National Library of Montenegro at the invitation of Jelena Đurović, Director of the National Library. Delegates from the agencies in Bulgaria, Kosova, Montenegro, Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Slovenia attended.

The Balkan group has been meeting regularly since 2009, and this continues to be a very successful meeting. Agencies reported on the implementation of ISBN in their respective countries and, among other items, there were also updates and discussions concerning the new International ISBN Agency website and the progress on the initial stages of the ISBN revision.

Next year’s meeting will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The 2014 Arabic regional meeting was held in Amman, Jordan at the National Library of Jordan on 4–5 June. Delegates from the Bahraini, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Libyan, Omani and Palestinian national agencies were present, and Ms Maha Bulos, formerly of the ISBN Agency of UNESCO, also participated and delivered a couple of short presentations.

This was the first Arabic regional meeting held since 2009, and the IIA was pleased that this meeting was able to go ahead thanks to the help of the National Library of Jordan and the professional translation services provided by Al Oula which greatly facilitated communication and understanding. We hope that another country will be willing to host and that it will be possible for the group to meet again either in 2015 or 2016.

The International ISBN Agency would like to thank all colleagues at the National Library of Montenegro and the National Library of Jordan for their excellent organisation and help throughout these meetings and to thank all delegates for their active and lively participation which greatly helped to make the meetings a success.

ISBN news in brief

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International ISTC Agency Update

The International Standard Text Code (ISTC) is an ISO-approved numbering system for the unique identification of text-based ‘works’. It brings together various different versions and formats that represent the same work, and therefore can form the link between a user’s search for a piece of content and the ultimate sale or loan of a particular publication.

This is in theory a very powerful identifier, but adoption of ISTC has not grown in the way that might have been hoped. The International ISTC Agency has held two separate in-depth meetings with the ten ISTC registration agencies over the past few months. The main aim of these meetings is to examine the use of ISTC and how it might better serve the needs of the publishing community. In a major step forward, it was recently agreed that a working group would be set up to examine several aspects of ISTC. The Working Group will comprise representatives of the Board, the registration agencies and other stakeholders from areas such as rights organisations. The group will report to the Board of the International ISTC Agency, who have set out the Terms Of Reference for the working group. These include: reviewing and documenting use-cases for textual work identifiers, analyzing the requirements for a textual work identifier that would service the priority use cases, and comparing the granularity of the required identifier with that of ISTC. The working group will aim to complete this exercise and report back to the Board in late September.

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ONIX for Books

Codelists Issue 26 published

The latest edition of the ONIX for Books codelists have been released. This edition adds just a handful of new codes, including:

There is also a clarification – recommended by BISG’s Metadata committee, which acts as the US ONIX national group – of the meaning of the <EditionType> code DGO, Digital Original. A digital original may have a print counterpart, provided that the counterpart is published (or is planned to be published) a significant period after the digital version. Note that DGO has never implied digital only – it means digital first.

Each of the above can be used in either ONIX 2.1 or 3.0.

For ONIX 3.0 only, there are two further additions: a way to set an embargo date for pre-orders, and a method of specifying extensions to book and e-book rentals.

Full details of the new codes can be downloaded from http://www.editeur.org/14/Code-Lists/. The new codelists have also been integrated into the various documentation packages and downloadable DTD and schema packages for ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0.

The next revision of the codelists is planned for release after the Frankfurt Book Fair. If you have any suggestions for new codelist entries, contact your ONIX national group or get in touch direct with EDItEUR.

ONIX news in brief

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Thema development

Following a timetable outlined by the Thema International Steering Committee at its London Book Fair meeting, consideration of additional subject categories and qualifiers for version 1.1 has begun. Suggestions have been received from many of the Thema national groups, often as a result of close study of the scheme as part of a translation project, and there has also been a thorough review of parts of the natural sciences hierarchy.

Version 1.1 – which is expected to be released before the end of the year – will contain additional subject categories, but no deletions or restructuring of the hierarchy, so there is no reason to delay implementation ‘waiting for 1.1’. Releasing 1.1 just a year after 1.0 is natural for a new scheme, but the intent is to update the scheme less often as it matures.

Other Thema updates

Graham Bell at Korea Book Business Conference

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News from ICEDIS: serials, subscriptions & library supply

Updated website resources

We have recently revised and updated several resources available from the EDItEUR website to assist those implementing ONIX for Subscription Product and ICEDIS XML standards. The key changes or extensions concern:

In each case, PDF and HTML documentation has been updated to reflect these changes, and XML schemas have been appropriately modified – primarily so they can make use of the new codelist values. These improvements were previewed at the ICEDIS meeting at UKSG Harrogate in April and more detail will be provided in a mailing to ICEDIS members later this month.

Dates for the diary: ICEDIS at Frankfurt and Charleston

The next two meetings of ICEDIS will take place during the Autumn to coincide with the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Charleston Conference: make a note in your diary now! The Frankfurt meeting will be on the afternoon of Monday 6 October in the Hotel Bristol, Ludwigstrasse 15, Frankfurt am Main.

The meeting in Charleston, which will also contain an update on EDItEUR’s other activities beyond ICEDIS, will be on the morning of Wednesday 5 November in Charleston, SC: the venue is currently being finalized. Both meetings are open to all members of EDItEUR, and agendas and further information will be circulated well ahead of the meeting dates: please feel free to contact Tim Devenport if you would like to know more or to sign up as an attendee.

Updated ICEDIS standards: building the business case

Over past months, work has begun to prepare the ground for introduction of an updated and extended set of ICEDIS standard messages, better able to satisfy current and anticipated requirements in the subscriptions market. An important component of this exercise is to establish a sound business case for the transition, so as to provide clarity in planning and to secure the necessary buy-in within the businesses concerned.

ICEDIS co-chairs Shilo de Vries and Dan Heffernan, working together with EDItEUR’s Tim Devenport, have been developing a small number of focused surveys to identify the main business drivers and concerns. Links to these online surveys will be made available during the coming month and will be publicized by email to all interested members of EDItEUR. Do please take a little time to complete the appropriate survey – we will separately be canvassing the views of publishers, agents, systems vendors and others – as your input will be vital in informing us on which areas are in most need of attention and how best to roll out and communicate the initiative.

Impacts of Open Access on messaging standards

Open Access in its various forms has already had a considerable impact on ‘traditional’ business models for publishing serials/subscriptions content. During the last two ICEDIS meetings, it was agreed that we should take a closer look at likely impacts or requirements close to specific areas of interest of EDItEUR and ICEDIS members – namely, well-defined standards for information or transactional exchanges.

We are in the process of establishing an ICEDIS Working Group to consider these topics and hope to hold an initial conference call during August. Likely subjects for consideration will include modifications to existing standards (primarily ONIX-PC), a roundup of other relevant Open Access initiatives, and discussion of whether the timing is appropriate for a standard set of metadata to support transactional exchanges related to APCs (article processing charges). There will be a separate mailing to ICEDIS members later this month but if in the meantime you would like to signal your potential interest in this area, please email Tim Devenport.

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Staff Update

Alex Ingram

Alex Ingram joins EDItEUR

EDItEUR is pleased to announce that Alex Ingram has been appointed as Standards Editor. He will be working with Graham Bell on development, maintenance and support of EDItEUR’s range of standards for the book trade, including ONIX, Thema and EDItX.

Alex is a well-known figure in the UK e-books world, having worked previously for Waterstones for nearly ten years, in roles from shop floor to administration and buying, and ultimately working within their online team running Waterstones’ e-books business and other projects. More recently, he managed the UK and Ireland arm of Apple’s iBookstore. His background as a dedicated book retailer will complement the skills of the existing EDItEUR staff.

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Forthcoming Events

ALPSP International Conference

10–12 September 2014. Park Inn Heathrow, Bath Road, Heathrow, Middlesex, UB7 0DU, UK

Expert speakers will offer a range of viewpoints to provoke debate and discussion about the key issues and opportunities in today’s market. The ALPSP Conference will include time for informal discussion and the exchange of ideas; the ideal formula to make new contacts and renew friendships. Networking will continue into the evening with the Welcome Reception on Wednesday and the Conference Dinner and Awards presentations on Thursday. The Keynote speech is entitled Innovation and its place in the changing scholarly publishing landscape and will be given by Amy Brand, Digital Science.

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New Members

Commission de Liaison Interprofessionnelle du Livre (CLIL)

CLIL was founded in 1991 as an association whose aim is to promote market development of books and to improve practices in the book supply chain within France.

Trilogy Group – Pubtech Consulting

Trilogy Group, UK based developers of Publishing Manager and Title Manager software are delighted to join EDItEUR in partnership with their North American Premium Partners Pubtech Consulting. We are committed to supporting Publishing worldwide and reducing our customers’ supply-chain costs through the use of standards.’

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For further details, contact

Graham Bell, Executive Director, EDItEUR
United House
North Road
London, N7 9DP
Tel: +44 20 7503 6418
Mobile: +44 7887 754958
E-mail: graham@editeur.org

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