Newsletter January 2016


Digital Book World 2016

DBW dates

The Digital Book World conference – now in its seventh year – is the premier event for publishers and content providers of all sizes and business models. It brings together over 1500 media, publishing and technology professionals from around the world to identify, interpret and profit from the challenges facing publishing organisations in the constantly-evolving digital media ecosystem.

Keynote speakers inclue John Ingram, CEO of Ingram Content Group and Fred Argir, Chief Digital Officer of Barnes and Noble,

EDItEUR members based outside the United States are entitled to a 25% discount for Total Access or Individual Full Conference registration, saving up to $475. Please e-mail EDItEUR for the discount code. Register before February 8th for the best early bird pricing.

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London Book Fair 2016

LBF dates

The 2016 London Book Fair – part of London Book and Screen Week – will be held between Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14th April 2016. The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. The 45th London Fair has a roster of over a thousand exhibitors, and a huge range of free-to-attend seminars and events including BIC’s Supply Chain Seminar.

This year, the Fair also re-launches its Quantum pre-conference on Monday 11th April.

EDItEUR will be hosting a number of key meetings during London Book Fair: in particular, please join us at the EDItEUR members’ open meeting on the middle day of the Fair. Pre-registered tickets to the Fair are £35, or £50 on the day, but EDItEUR has 100 half-price passes to distribute. Please e-mail EDItEUR for details of how to obtain your discounted tickets.

International ISBN Agency

Board news

There will be some changes to the composition of the Board of the International Agency over the next few months. Jonathan Nowell left Nielsen at the end of December 2015 and has also resigned from the ISBN Board. We thank Jonathan very much for his contributions and support of the ISBN standard over many years – both with the UK ISBN Agency operated by Nielsen in the UK, and as a Director of the International Agency Board. We hope that the next stages of his career will be very happy and successful. Also, Jens Bammel stepped down as Secretary General of the International Publishers Association, a position that he had held for nearly 12 years. Jens was a passionate supporter of freedom to publish, and of the role that the ISBN can play in underpinning access to world markets. The IPA has an ex officio seat on the ISBN Board. Neither Jens nor Jonathan has yet been replaced, but we expect that both vacancies will be filled in due course.

ISBN Standard Revision goes to ballot

The revision of the ISBN Standard continues apace. The DIS (Draft International Standard) was sent to the International Standard organization’s Central Secretariat in November 2015, and ISO will initiate a ballot on the draft. The ballot will officially start on 11th February and will end on 12 May 2016. Please note that some national standards bodies which take part in the ballot may set an earlier deadline for the receipt of comments and the casting votes. Please keep in touch with your national body about this and any specific procedural requirements that it may have.

Prior to official opening of the ballot, ISO issues the DIS to national member bodies so that they have the opportunity to translate it as needed. This means that if your national body does not need to translate the DIS, then your national group may have additional ‘unofficial’ time to review the document and consider comments. ISO will send a further notification when the ballot officially opens.

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Work on Thema continues, including ongoing discussions with a number of organizations about further translations – particularly in Central European countries.

As a result of the decision made by the Thema International Steering Committee during the Frankfurt Book Fair, a technical working group has now been convened to work on Thema version 1.2, which is expected to be published soon after the London Book Fair in April 2016. Version 1.2 will be a non-breaking release containing only additions and minor refinements. No categories will be deleted, deprecated or re-located within the hierarchy, so like 1.1 before it, 1.2 will not invalidate any existing Thema data.

The working group includes representatives from Canada, France, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States of America. The expectation is that this group will spend the remainder of January collecting submissions from Thema users and national groups, and compiling a full list of requests. Requests for new categories have so far come from countires with active real-world use of Thema, or where work on mappings from legacy subject schemes have revealed significant gaps. February will then be spent reviewing each request line-by-line, with a first candidate due late February or early March. This would then be shared with the wider Thema International Steering Committee in March with a view to approval at the London Book Fair in April.

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ONIX for Books

Updated Codelists Issue 32

The latest release of the ONIX codelists – is imminent. In line with the planned reduction of support for older versions of ONIX, the upcoming release will the the last that features updates specifically aimed at ONIX 2.1, so certain of the lists – for example lists 7, 10 and 78 – will be ‘frozen’ and there will be no further additions. Of course, ONIX 2.1 will still theoretically benefit from updates added to codelists that are shared with ONIX 3.0, but in practice, some ONIX 2.1 users may consider this the last codelist release they will support.

Issue 32 includes only a small number of additions, including:

Issue 32 of the codelists will be available by the end of January from the EDItEUR website, in a variety of different data formats. As always, the new codelists will also be integrated into the documentation and XML tools for ONIX 3.0.

ONIX 3.0.3 Technical Working Group

The ONIX International Steering Committee meeting in October at Frankfurt established a small technical sub-group to consider proposals for the next minor update of ONIX 3.0. The Technical Working Group – with representatives from Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom as well as from EDItEUR itself – has met several times and is evaluating a number of new elements to be added to the Specification. Some draft documentation for the proposed additions has been created, and updated XSD/RNG schemas are being tested as the recommendations are agreed upon. The working group aims to deliver a finished recommendation to the ONIX national groups and the International Steering Committee, which if acceptable, could be ratified during the London Book Fair in April.

ONIX training

The next ONIX: essentials and ONIX: advanced topics training courses will be held in association with BIC in central London on 17th and 18th February (fees from £321 for BIC and EDItEUR members).

Graham Bell will also be delivering the Essentials and Advanced topics courses with BISG in New York City, Boston and Nashville in March – 9th to 11th in New York, 14th and 15th in Boston, and 17th–18th in Nashville (fees from $499 per course for BISG and EDItEUR members). Further details from BISG. $200 discount for those booking both the Essentials and Advanced courses with BISG.

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News from ICEDIS: serials, subscriptions & library supply

ICEDIS at UKSG Bournemouth in April

Hold that date! The next full ICEDIS meeting will take place on the final day of the UKSG Conference in Bournemouth – Wednesday 13th April, 2016. The session will run from 13:30–16:30 in the Bournemouth International Centre, the same venue as the main UKSG meetings, immediately after UKSG itself closes.

Among other topics, there will be updates on the further rollout of ONIX-PC, initiatives to better support open access products, and ideas on how best to extend our support to members more closely involved with libraries and library services. More details of the agenda, meeting room location and guest speakers will follow nearer to the time, and Tim Devenport and co-chairs Shilo de Vries and Laurie Kaplan look forward to welcoming you then.

ONIX-PC developments

Enhancements to the ONIX-PC (ONIX for Product Catalog) format have been the top priority recently, for both the ICEDIS community and for those providing technical support at EDItEUR. Currently there is a two-fold focus: to conduct pilot exchanges and road testing of the new version 1.2 that provides a range of open access features, and to encourage wider implementation and take-up in time for calendar year 2017 product and price exchanges this summer.

Four EDItEUR members committed to piloting v1.2 – Harrassowitz, LM Info, Springer Nature and Wiley – are meeting this month to finalize plans for file exchanges and evaluation. EDItEUR will also be closely involved in reviewing test files and providing guidance as necessary.

There is also good news from systems vendor Publishing Technology, which following user requests has agreed to build features for exporting ONIX-PC information from its publishing support systems. Elsevier plans to update its existing implementation to take advantage of this in time for this summer’s exchanges, and other publishers have the topic under consideration.

Who’s using ICEDIS and other serials standards?

For many years ICEDIS has openly encouraged as many organizations as possible – whether members of EDItEUR or not – to adopt the standards that it has been instrumental in creating. Simply put, the more organizations that reliably implement a standard, the more pay-off there is for those organizations, and for those who initially blazed the trail! Widespread adoption and visibility of standards benefit the many, not just the few.

EDItEUR is launching an effort to update its information on exactly who has implemented what, with an initial focus on ONIX-PC and on the legacy ICEDIS renewal standards. Tim will be in touch with known implementers shortly to request help in extending our records, and the aim is to capture – and make available to everyone – details of serials standards users within and beyond the ICEDIS group.

Watermarking in fraud prevention

ICEDIS members continue to report cases of serials content being effectively stolen, either by unscrupulous middlemen appropriating IP addresses or by personal-rate subscriptions being illegally traded and used to support institutional use. Some readers will have listened to the briefings by PSI at recent meetings or taken part in a phone conference we organized last year – both investigating problems with IP address misuse.

Another potential approach to this kind of problem involves the ‘watermarking’ of content, ie marking the journal prominently to show that it has been purchased for the exclusive use of a particular person or organization. This can apply to both e- and p-content, whether by embedding texts in online journals or by specialized print-on-demand and similar techniques to personalize printed journal copies.

A leading ICEDIS publisher has approached us to ask whether other member organizations have experience of using such techniques – if you have, and are prepared to share thoughts on this topic, please contact Tim Devenport and he will put you in touch.

Standard identifiers for publishers

‘Halt! Who goes there?’ has been the favoured challenge of sentries for thousands of years. And in an adapted form, being able to identify yourself and others in an unambiguous way has never been more important in e-commerce. There seems to be consensus around the use of consistent identifiers for customer organizations – witness the widespread assignment and uptake of Ringgold IDs – but relatively little apparent adoption of identifiers for publishers themselves.

EDItEUR would be interested to hear whether readers of this Newsletter could see benefits in using, for example, ISNIs to identify publisher organizations (or parts thereof) and/or their imprints, so as to facilitate automated e-commerce exchanges and disambiguation. Please contact Tim Devenport if you would like to discuss this idea further.

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Staff news

Suzanne Rozario joins EDItEUR

Suzanne Rozario

EDItEUR is pleased to announce that Suzanne Rozario has joined the organization as Office Manager, to take on the management of the office, book-keeping and other company administration. She joins EDItEUR from a similar role at the Centre for Organisational Excellence (, a small management consultancy and training company, and has previously worked in administrative roles in academia.

Forthcoming Events

BIC ONIX Training London

17th and 18th February 2016, Faber Creative Space, Bloomsbury House, 74–77 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DA, UK

The ONIX: essentials course (also titled Bibliographic Metadata & ONIX: Practical guidance for best practice) provides authoritative and practical information about the importance of metadata, and the way that it is best communicated in ONIX. It covers both the underlying principles of ONIX metadata and the detail of the most essential data elements, and is suitable for beginners as well as those with extensive experience with ONIX.

ONIX: advanced topics delivers an in-depth look at ONIX metadata, including e-books, and aimed at staff with management responsibility for metadata, either in IT, marketing or production within a publisher, or in similar roles in distribution and retailing. Delegates should previously have attended the Essentials course, or have extensive experience with ONIX gained over several years.

Further details and booking via EventBrite (Essentials and Advanced).

Digital Book World conference

7–9th March 2016, Hilton New York Midtown, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, NY 10019, USA

Now celebrating its seventh year, Digital Book World is the preeminent conference on digital content and digital publishing strategies. In brings together over 1500 media, publishing and technology professionals from around the world for a two-day conference focused on developing, building and transforming organizations to compete in the fast-changing digital media ecosystem. Details at

BISG ONIX Training New York City, Boston and Nashville

9–11th March 2016, Macmillan, 1 New York Plaza, Suite 4500, New York, NY 10004, USA

14–15th March 2016, Safari Books, 1 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111, USA

17–18th March 2016, Ingram, 1 Ingram Blvd, LaVergne, TN 37086, USA

The ONIX: essentials course provides authoritative and practical information about the importance of metadata, and the way that it is best communicated in ONIX. It covers both the underlying principles of ONIX metadata and the detail of the most essential data elements, and is suitable for beginners as well as those with extensive experience with ONIX.

ONIX: advanced topics delivers an in-depth look at ONIX metadata, including e-books, and aimed at staff with management responsibility for metadata, either in IT, marketing or production within a publisher, or in similar roles in distribution and retailing. Delegates should previously have attended the Essentials course, or have extensive experience with ONIX gained over several years.

Further details and booking via BISG.

London Book Fair

12–14th April 2016, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX, UK

The London Book Fair provides publishers with the perfect platform to engage with customers, demonstrate their products, build brand awareness, conduct face to face business and most importantly make sales. More details at

UKSG 39th Annual Conference and Exhibition

11–13 April 2016, Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth BH2 5BH, UK

UKSG’s Annual Conference and Exhibition is a major event in the scholarly communications calendar, and attracts over 900 delegates each year from around the world – librarians, publishers, content providers, consultants and intermediaries. The conference combines high-quality plenary presentations, lightning talks and breakout sessions with entertaining social events and a major trade exhibition.

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New EDItEUR members

Firebrand Technologies

Firebrand provides a family of content and metadata management and data distribution solutions to publishers for both traditional print and e-books. Title Management is an integrated system to control publishing projects from acquisition to publication, incorporating contract management, content and metadata management, marketing and sales support, production scheduling and more. It works seamlessly with Firebrand’s Eloquence service which disseminates data and jacket images in standard ONIX and specific proprietary formats to over 200 trading partners worldwide. And NetGalley provides secure distribution of digital proofs to a vibrant and growing community of reviewers, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and educators.

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For further details, contact

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