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BIC Realtime Web Services

BIC (Book Industry Communication) is an independent organisation set up and sponsored by the UK’s Publishers Association, Booksellers Association, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and the British Library to promote supply chain efficiency in all sectors of the book world through e-commerce and the application of standard processes and procedures.

BIC Realtime establishes a suite of standard web services to enable computers to communicate with each other via the internet in real time, requesting information and receiving an immediate response. Book trade organisations are often familiar with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and the advantages of exchanging business messages electronically, but EDI is usually a batch process rather than a real time transaction. Realtime presents a range of business messages that can be exchanged instantly. Many of the messages are based on existing EDIX message content.

Find out more about BIC Realtime web services standards.

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