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EDItX Overview

Developed jointly in collaboration with BISG and BIC, and with input from EDItEUR members in other countries, notably Germany and Denmark, EDItEUR’s EDItX transactional document formats in XML mirror and extend the functionality of existing X12, TRADACOMS and EDIFACT messages for the book trade and library sectors.

EDItX format is specified by an XML Schema, with supporting information in an Outline Specification. The Outline Specification in each case provides an introduction to the format and the functionality which it supports. Each XML Schema constitutes a formal definition in a set of XML files, allowing standard XML software to parse, verify and operate on the content of correctly formulated EDItX messages.

To receive notices of updates and corrections, please email us indicating the application area(s) of interest to you:

EDItX_IMPLEMENT discussion list

EDItEUR has an e-mail list on Yahoo! Groups as an announcement and discussion forum for EDItX implementers. Terms of participation are as for the well-established ONIX_IMPLEMENT list. You can join the EDItX group here. Alternatively, you can request to join by email.

EDItX International Steering Committee

EDItEUR has established a steering committee to help guide the future development direction of the EDItX suite of message standards. This follows the successessful model of the ONIX and Thema steering committees. The EDItX committee held its first meeting in Frankfurt in October 2016.

  • DRAFT minutes of EDItX International Steering Committee March 2017
  • Minutes of EDItX International Steering Committee October 2016

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