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ONIX for Licensing Terms
ONIX for Licensing Terms (OLT) is the generic name for a developing family of ONIX standards. Built on a consistent underlying model of rights and usages, OLT formats are specialised to the needs of different user groups and applications. Formats currently available or under development are listed below: follow the links for more information.

ONIX for Publications Licenses (ONIX-PL)
ONIX for Publications Licenses is the first published OLT standard. ONIX-PL is a communications format which enables publishers, subscription agents and libraries to express license terms for digital materials in a structured way so that they can be input to and interpreted by an electronic resource management system.

Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) are the agencies which manage the licensing of rights in printed and other media. EDItEUR is working with IFRRO (International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations) and its member agencies to develop, maintain and support a set of ONIX formats for communication between IFRRO agencies.

ONIX for Rights Information Services (ONIX-RS)
ONIX for Rights Information Services supports searches for rights information about books by providing a set of ONIX formats for requests and responses so that rightsholders or their representatives can be identified and located. Typically, ONIX-RS is used by libraries to seek rights information and, if appropriate, licenses for using the content of printed books that are to be digitized. Taken together, the ONIX-RS messages support the process of diligent search generally required before licenses can be granted or determined to be unnecessary.

Royalty Reporting
EDItEUR is working with the US Book Industry Study Group (BISG) on the development and piloting of computer-to-computer message formats for royalty reporting from licensees to licensors or their agents. This work is part of a broader development programme of rights-related standards initiated by the BISG Rights Committee. A “strawman” analysis of data content required for royalty reporting is available here.

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