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ARROW (Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works towards Europeana), is a project of a consortium of European national libraries, publishers and collective management organisations, also representing writers through their main European associations and national organisations.

ARROW is supporting the i2010 Digital Library Project by finding ways to identify rightsholders and to clarify the rights status of books which users wish to digitise, including whether it is an orphan work and/or out of print. This will enable libraries and other potential digitisers to discover who owns and administers the relevant rights, and how and where they can seek permission to make digitisations and make the work available to their users. The project also seeks to enhance interoperability between sources of rights information held by individual rightsholders, RROs and other collective management organisations, agents, libraries and users.

EDItEUR provides consultancy to ARROW on both the deployment of existing standards and the development of new standards to fulfil ARROW requirements.

In December 2011 EDItEUR released ONIX for Rights Information Services (ONIX-RS), a suite of XML messages to communicate information about rights which is largely based upon the work of the ARROW Project and the inputs of ARROW partner organizations.

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