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Consumer Direct Fulfilment

  • EDItX CDF Order Version 1.2.1
  • EDItX CDF Order Response Version 1.1
  • EDItX CDF Shipment Report Version 1.1
  • EDItX CDF Returns Report Version 1.0

These EDItX documents are formats for consumer direct fulfilment (CDF), covering transactions between (typically) Internet booksellers and wholesalers, where the wholesaler delivers direct to the consumer who placed an order with the bookseller. A single format is available for both trade and CDF invoices - for more details see the Trade Book Supply section.

Each transaction has its own individual XML schema file, but all share a single code list file. This will enable new issues of the code lists to be made without a new version of the schemas that use them.

The Release in February 2010 includes new versions of the CDF Order (V1.2) and CDF Order Response (V1.1). Issue 4 of the EDItX code lists is being released simultaneously. See under Trade Book Supply for details of the remainder of the February 2010 Release.

In May 2010 Version 1.0 of the EDItX CDF Shipment Report format was released. This format is to be used for reporting details of shipments and invoices sent direct to the consumer by a CDF supplier on behalf of the retailer. This format is to be used in place of the EDItX Trade/CDF Invoice Version 1.1, which has been replaced by the EDItX Trade Invoice Version 1.2 and is in future only to be used for trade invoices. A minor revision of the code lists, Issue 4a, was also released in May 2010.

In May 2012, Version 1.0 of the CDF Returns Report was released. This message is used to report details of returns from the consumer, including the reason for the return and the condition of the returned item – these details are reported from a CDF supplier to the retailer. Alongside this release, the codelists were updated to Issue 4b.

In March 2013, Version 1.2.1 of the CDF Order message was released, adding a new <CorporateAffiliation> element and modifying the documentation to maintain consistency with the XML schema file.

In July 2013, Version 1.1 of the CDF Shipment Report message was released. The change to v1.1 is to enable a report to contain no ItemDetail, provided it contains one or more InvoiceAdditionalCharge elements. Alongside this release, the codelists were updated to Issue 4c.

Versions of the pdfs below were reissued in February 2014 with a small number of corrections.

Outline Specifications

XML Schemas
Note that ALL transaction schemas require the accompanying Code Lists file, which must be placed in the same folder as the schema file.

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