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Library Book Supply

  • EDItX Library Order Version 1.2
  • EDItX Library Ship Notice (Order Fulfillment Notice) Version 1.0

These EDItX documents are part of a family of formats being developed for library supply, covering transactions between library booksellers and libraries.

Issue 4 of the EDItX code lists was released simultaneously with the February 2010 release of several revised EDItX Trade and Consumer Direct Fulfilment message formats. The XML Message format, available for download from the Trade Book Supply page, can now be used to provide an XML container for multiple Library Order or Library Ship Notice messages for transmission to a single recipient.

Versions of the pdfs below were reissued in February 2014 with a small number of corrections.

Outline Specifications

XML Schemas
Note that ALL transaction schemas require the accompanying Code Lists file, which must be placed in the same folder as the schema file.

Issue 3 of the EDItX code lists
was released simultaneously with the June 2008 release of the EDItX Trade, CDF and Library formats. The latest version is version 4b.

The following formats are available for piloting. Outline specifications and XML schemas may be obtained on request from EDItEUR:

  • Library Quotes
  • Library Order Response
  • Library Order Status Enquiry
  • Library Order Status Report
  • Library Invoice

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