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Trade Book Supply

Order - Order Response - Order Status Enquiry - Order Status Report - Order Cancellation - Advance Ship Notice - Stock Enquiry - Stock Report - Invoice - Credit Note - Returns Request - Returns Response - XML Message - XML Message Acknowledgement

These EDItX formats are intended for general book trade use, covering transactions between retailers, wholesalers and publishers where ordered items are supplied to, and for resale by, the trade customer responsible for sending the order.

Each transaction has its own individual XML schema file, but all share a single code list file. This will enable new issues of the code lists to be made without a new version of the schemas that use them.

The set of EDItX transaction formats listed below was originally released collectively in April 2007. An earlier release in 2004 did not include a full set of transaction types and had not been widely implemented.

The June 2008 release includes corrected versions of the Order, Order Response, Order Status Report, Advance Ship Notice and Stock Report formats (indicated by *), and a revised Invoice format (indicated by ‘Version 1.1'), which has been extended to support CDF invoicing. With the exception of the Message format (see below) all other formats are unchanged. See the specifications of each of the corrected and revised formats for further details. For details of the CDF Order and Order Response formats, see the CDF transactions section.

The EDItX transaction formats include an XML Message format, intended to be used for transmission of multiple transactions of the same type as a single message in XML format. This format has been revised (v1.2) in December 2009 to include the new Credit Note format as well as the existing Sales Report and Inventory Report formats. A corresponding Message Acknowledgement format was released in April 2007. These formats can be used to enable business systems to send, receive and acknowledge receipt of multiple transactions independently of whatever message transport protocol (e.g. FTP, email, AS2, web services) is used. The XML Message schema includes all the separate transaction formats combined in a single schema module. The XML Message schema module, XML Message Acknowledgement schema module and code list module are downloadable as a single ZIP package.

Note that the code list module is downloadable separately from all the individual format packages and is not included in the ZIP packages for the individual formats.

Issue 3 of the EDItX code lists was released simultaneously with the June 2008 release of the EDItX Trade, CDF and Library formats.

Version 1.2 of the EDItX Trade Order format was released in November 2008, with the sole purpose of enabling the format to be used to communicate orders via routing services such as TeleOrdering in the UK. With the exception of the change in version number, no existing implementations are invalidated by this version.

The Release in February 2010 includes new versions of the Trade Order (V1.3), Order Response (V1.2) and Order Status Report (V1.2) schemas with corresponding outline specifications. Issue 4 of the EDItX code lists is being released simultaneously. The XML Message Acknowledgement schema has been revised (V1.1). The Trade Credit Note (V1.0) schema has been adjusted to use the revised code lists module.

Version 1.2 of the EDItX Trade Invoice format was released in May 2010, involving major documentation changes but no changes to the schema. The intention is that this format should not in future be used to carry details of CDF consumer invoices, which can now be done using a new EDItX CDF Shipment Report format. For further details see the CDF transactions section. At the same time Version 1.3 of the EDItX Message format was released, enabling the new CDF Shipment Report format to be carried. A minor revision of the code lists, Issue 4a, was also released in May 2010.

Version 1.2 of the Trade Stock Report was released in May 2012 – this new version enables a supplier to report approximate stock figures, when corporate policy prevents reporting of exact stock figures. A minor revision of the codelists, to Issue 4b, was released at the same time, together with v1.4 of the EDItX Message format.

In March 2013, version 1.5 of the EDItX Message format was released, to allow it to carry EDItX CDF Order message 1.2.1.

In July 2013, version 1.6 of the EDItX Message format was released, to allow it to carry the EDItX CDF Shipment Message v1.1. At the same time, the Codelists were updated to v4c.

Versions of the pdfs below were reissued in February 2014 with a small number of corrections.

Outline Specifications

XML Schemas
Note that ALL transaction schemas require the accompanying Code Lists file, which must be placed in the same folder as the schema file.

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