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Library Book Supply

Version 1.2
The EDItEUR EDI Implementation Guidelines for Library Book Supply cover the use of EDIFACT messaging to handle quotations, orders, order responses and other order-related messages, and invoices/credit notes.
A summary of changes since Version 1.2 which have not been incorporated into the full documentation (updated February 2010) can be downloaded here. The contents of the full documentation, in PDF format, are as follows:

  1. Overview
  2. Structure of an EDIFACT transmission
  3. Using the Quotation message in library book supply
  4. Using the Purchase Order for book orders
  5. Using the Purchase Order Response for order responses and reports
  6. Using the Purchase Order Change for order changes and cancellations
  7. Using the Order Status Enquiry for book order chasers
  8. Using the Invoice for billing and for debit and credit notes

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