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Digital Publishing Forum: Lending & Rental

The industry spotlight has fallen on ebook lending in recent months, as public libraries thrash out appropriate models and academic libraries explore the possibilities of a nascent market. Whatever the shape of ebook lending in the future, the lending debate shows how e-books have enabled radically different business and commercial models – this DPF will explore ebook lending from both trade and academic publishing points of view.

Speakers include Ruth Jones, Director, Publisher Business Development, Ingram Content Group, Martin Palmer, Principal Officer: Libraries for Essex County Council, Stephanie Duncan, Digital Director, Bloomsbury Publishing, and Mark Majurey, Digital Development Director, Taylor & Francis.


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UCL, London WC1

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10 November 2010
16:00 - 18:00
£46 per person for PA members, £92 for non-members 
Publishers Association 

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