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BIC Brunch: Keeping up with your Metadata: A Lesson in Increasing Sales and Bettering Communications (Webinar)

The importance of good (i.e. complete, timely and quality) metadata is well known as is its positive impact on sales (both instore and online)*. But what of its less well-known counterpart: keeping that metadata up-to-date? Why is this so important? What metadata changes most dynamically post-publication (and what should be fixed before publication)? How does out-of-date information impact the supply chain (and a publisher’s sales)? This BIC Brunch intends to answer these questions and more.

  • Block level updates
  • The Acknowledgement message in ONIX 3.0
  • Price & Availability (P&A) feeds
  • The BIC Realtime (trade) P&A API
  • How the BIC Product Data Excellence Award (PDEA) Accreditation Scheme can help publishers to monitor their metadata, timeliness, completeness (and, going forwards, its quality)
  • * Nielsen White Paper: The Link Between Metadata and Sales

The Speakers: Graham Bell, Executive Director, EDItEUR, Clive Herbert, Head of Professional Services, Nielsen Book, Cecilia Rushton, Head of Editorial Operations, Hodder & Stoughton, Headline, John Murray and Quercus.

Event Details

BIC - Webinar 
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27 May 2020
12:00 - 13:00
Register to attend this online event, here. The deadline for registrations is 4pm on Tuesday 26th May 2020. 

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