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Metadata Power training course (cancelled)

Twenty-first century book readers are searching for, discovering and purchasing books via the internet instead of browsing the shelves of a library or bookstore. Whether digital or in print, their success in finding the right book for their needs dictates how well the book sells. And this success depends on metadata. Increasingly, the power of metadata is replacing traditional selling techniques. In effect, the publisher needs to treat ‘information about books’ or ‘product metadata’ as its online sales force. And understanding how metadata is created and managed, how it is distributed through the book trade, and how it is used by retailers, libraries and readers is critical knowledge for today’s publishers. The course begins with a simple overview of what metadata means in the book world, linking what the publisher does with simple information like title, author, ISBN and price with what the outside world – the retailer or reader – sees. It describes how publishers can take responsibility for and manage that data. And it takes a look at the ‘data supply chain’ – how the key data gets from publisher to bookstore and library catalogue. It discusses how metadata can be given a commercial value, and how more comprehensive and more timely data can fuel extra sales. It covers the range of different metadata fields that can be supplied, the needs and expectations that retailers and libraries have, methods of data delivery and how publishers may be assessed on how well they meet those needs. Who will benefit from this course? Anyone involved in creating and updating information about books, including new recruits into the book publishing sector, publisher’s editorial, marketing, publicity, sales and production staff, micro-publishers and self-publishers. This introductory course is not aimed at members of a publisher’s specialist data team, software developers or those with significant metadata experience. It may act as a springboard to other more advanced BIC / EDItEUR courses that focus on ONIX, but does not require any prior knowledge of ONIX or book metadata. By attending the course you will: understand what book metadata is - learn which are the most important metadata elements - see how the metadata can be communicated - gain an overview of the metadata supply chain - understand why metadata is commercially valuable - gain insight into how your organisation can improve its metadata This course contributes to PUB 7, 15, and 77 of the Book & Journal Publishing National Occupational Standards.

Event Details

Ibis Styles Southwark Rose, 43-47 Southwark Bridge Rd, London SE1 9HH, UK 
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Editeur Events
24 October 2018
13:30 - 17:00
BIC & EDItEUR Members £165 + VAT, Non Members £225 + VAT 
Publishing Training Centre 
Unfortunately, this course has been cancelled by PTC. 

Posted: 03 January 2018 In: EDItEUR Events

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