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BISG ONIX and Thema Training – New York

BISG will be presenting the ONIX: Essentials and ONIX: Advanced topics courses on successive days, as well as special half-day sessions on transitioning from ONIX 2.1 to 3.0 and on Thema. The courses are taught by EDItEUR Executive Director Graham Bell.

The ONIX: Essentials course is the first of two intensive all-day ONIX training sessions. Graham Bell introduces the ONIX standard and the essentials of producing, managing, and disseminating book metadata. This course gives you all the vital information to understand the basics of ONIX and how it is used in the book industry, and it mixes the background and theory of metadata with real-world practice and guidance in an approachable but authoritative way.

ONIX: Advanced topics builds upon the knowledge of ONIX gained through the Essentials training course, and covers more advanced features of book metadata, identifiers and ONIX for Books, including its use with e-books and the latest features of ONIX 3.0. Exact course content is varied according to the interests of the attendees.

The half-day Thema: Essentials course introduces the key concepts of Thema, EDItEUR’s global subject classification scheme, its origins, development and discoverability benefits, and gives delegates all the knowledge they need to implement Thema classification of their own books.

The courses are aimed at staff with management responsibility for metadata, either in editorial, IT, marketing, or production within a publisher, or in similar roles within distribution and retailing. They are not highly technical, but software developers seeking to understand ONIX would benefit from these courses. The Essentials course is suitable for those with little or no prior knowledge of ONIX, but also benefits those who already have significant experience – it is not merely a ‘beginners introduction’, and covers the key ONIX concepts in detail. Attendees for the Advanced topics course should – as a minimum – have previously attended EDItEUR’s Essentials course or have extensive experience with ONIX, most likely gained over several years.

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BISG, 1412 Broadway, 21st floor, suite 2119, New York City, NY 10018, USA 
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06 February - 08 February 2017
09:00 - 17:00
$499 per day for BISG members, $250 for half-day sessions ($649 per day for non-members, $325 for half-day sessions) 
Kim Graff 

Posted: 02 January 2017 In: Related Events

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