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consists of two XML formats for facilitating communication by collective management organisations and the publishers and authors with whom they work.

The development of ONIX for RROs has been undertaken in partnership between EDItEUR and IFRRO - the international federation for literary collective management organisations - and with funding from some of its members including AccessCopyright, the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society, CAL, CCC, CEDRO, CLA, Kopinor, and the Publishers Licensing Society. Under the guidance of an ONIX Governance Body, IFRRO is working to help its members implement the ONIX for RROs messages.

One format ("ONIX for Distributions") facilitates the exchange of distribution payment information, and the other ("ONIX for Repertoire") format facilitates the exchange of rights and repertoire information. The formats are supported by a Dictionary of coded values used in the two messages.

ONIX for Repertoire
“Repertoire” in this context is defined as a set of resources in which the control of certain rights is held by a particular party, and which is identified typically for the purpose of delegating those rights from one party to another. ONIX for Repertoire (ONIX-RP) is an XML format based on ONIX Licensing Terms principles that will in the first instance facilitate the communication of repertoire detail from one RRO (licensing agency) to another, and may also be used by large rightsholders (eg publishers) to communicate repertoire detail to an RRO that manages reproduction rights on their behalf.

The current version of ONIX-RP is Version 1.0, published in February 2008. Detailed specifications in PDF format can be downloaded individually here; and you can also download a zip file with the XML schema and most recent code lists:

ONIX for Distributions
ONIX for Distributions (ONIX-DS) is an XML format for communicating supporting detail relating to the distribution of monies from one RRO to another, or from an RRO to a large rightsholder.

The current version of ONIX-DS is Version 1.1, published in May 2010, which includes a few new elements added to meet specific implementation needs. Detailed specifications in PDF format, including notes on the changes in Version 1.1, can be viewed or downloaded individually here; and you can also download a zip file with the XML schema and most recent code lists:

ONIX-IFRRO Dictionary
Where coded values are used in ONIX-RP and ONIX-DS, they should as far as possible be taken from the Dictionary maintained jointly by IFRRO and EDItEUR. By arrangement with the IFRRO ONIX Governing Board, local values can be added by an implementation group to meet special needs. The Dictionary is incorporated into the XML schemas as a separate .xsd “code lists” file that can be replaced without affecting the rest of the schema definition. If you download either the ONIX-DS or ONIX-RP XML schema, the latest issue of the code lists will automatically be included as part of the download package. If you have downloaded the schema with an earlier issue of the code lists, and wish to update the codes, you can do so by downloading the current issue as a separate .xsd file below, and replacing the earlier copy.

The latest issue of the ONIX-IFFRO Dictionary is Issue 2, first published May 2010, though there have been a number of subsequent revisions of the code lists file to incorporate new local values. (The numbering of successive issues of the Dictionary is completely independent of the numbering of versions of the message formats and of the codelists files.) You can view or download the Dictionary spreadsheet below as a read-only Excel spreadsheet, together with a set of notes on the principles behind the Dictionary and its maintenance. The spreadsheet and notes include details of any new values added. You can also download the latest code lists as a zipped .xsd file to be used with one or both of the XML message schemas.

Handbook: How to map ONIX for RROs to your system
To provide additional guidance for organisations who are setting out to implement one or both of the ONIX IFRRO messages, the Copyright Clearance Center, an IFRRO member, has prepared a handbook with the title How to map ONIX for RROs to your system. The handbook provides additional guidance on the messages and on XML basics as well as on the steps which will typically be rquired in order to adapt existing systems to send and receive communications in ONIX format. It also includes detailed examples from early implementations. You can view or download the handbook in PDF format here:
Handbook: How to map ONIX for RROs to your system

Discussion forum
A listserv for discussion related to implementation of ONIX for RROs is open to all current and prospective users of the standards.
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Pilot projects and use cases
Prior to the publication of Version 1.0 in February 2008, a pilot version 0.9 of both formats was tested in a number of projects with IFRRO member agencies. Reports of these pilots, including use case summaries and guidelines, are on a separate page.

UKRRO implementation and local namespace
The UK-based RROs (Copyright Licensing Agency, Publishers Licensing Society, and Authors Licensing and Collecting Society) have implemented the ONIX IFRRO messages to meet their requirements for systems intercommunication. To do so, they have in certain areas used local namespace values to augment the ONIX-IFRRO Dictionary. For more information, follow this link to a separate page, where you will also find the current Issue of a combined ONIX IFRRO-UKRRO Dictionary.

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