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OPLE Software

OPLE v1.0: the ONIX-PL Editor

To support the creation, editing and maintenance of ONIX-PL expressions, EDItEUR has developed an Open Source software package, OPLE. After more than a year's experience with a pilot version of the software, pre-release copies of version 1.0 were installed with a small number of users in November 2008. Based upon their experience, the software was made available for wider installation in 2009 and has been updated several times since then.

What is OPLE?
OPLE is a software package for creating, editing and managing license expressions using ONIX-PL. OPLE has been developed as an "open source" package, which means that it can be freely copied, used and adapted, with minimal restrictions or obligations (its use is covered by a license based upon the well-known BSD open source software license). OPLE is built upon a stable foundation of established open source software components. OPLE can be installed on a wide range of computer platforms, from large network servers to individual laptop PCs, and is compatible with all major operating system environments (Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux).

OPLE has been developed by EDItEUR with generous financial support from the Joint Information Systems Committee of the UK Higher Education and Further Education funding bodies (JISC) and the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS).

Who needs OPLE?
OPLE is the first tool developed specifically to enable machine-readable expressions of complete publications licenses to be captured, edited and managed in ONIX-PL format. It has been developed primarily for use by publishers, libraries and intermediaries in the management of licensing the use of published content, especially online. OPLE may be installed and used as a stand-alone system, but it may also be adapted to function as a component within a larger system, such as a library's resource management system or publisher's license management system.

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Installing OPLE: Version 1.0 Build 1.2.5

OPLE can be installed on a stand-alone Windows PC, or on a network server, or under other operating systems. The current release is Version 1.0 Build 1.2.5. This build, issued in November 2018, incorporates only minor changes necessary for compatibility with Windows 10. The previous build, 1.2 4, incorporated some significant extensions to the OPLE ‘summary view’, and corrected a few minor bugs. If you have installed a previous release, we recommend that you replace it with the latest build. Instructions for upgrading will be found in a separate section below.

For developers wishing to work with the OPLE software, a full specification of the revised OPLE Summary View is available on request – please contact EDItEUR.

Installation on a stand-alone PC
OPLE can be installed on a stand-alone Windows PC without a high level of technical knowledge. Full instructions are provided in a step-by-step installation guide available by clicking on the link in the next section.

Installing OPLE on a stand-alone PC requires a number of software components, all of which are freely available, mostly from third-party websites. No special expertise is needed, but it is important to follow the instructions in the installation guide precisely and in the right order. You must have 'administrator' privileges on your PC.

The installation guide contains links to all the software needed for OPLE. We recommend that you save a copy of the guide on your own PC rather than using it in a browser window, so that you can keep your place in the guide while you are following the download links in the browser.

At certain stages during the installation process, you will be linked back to this page, so that you can download three components which are supplied directly by EDItEUR:

  • Download Tomcat users file (ZIP file)
  • Download eXist installation file (Version 1.4, 27MB ZIP file)
    (Note that although we recommend that new OPLE installations should use version 1.4 of the eXist database, there is no need for existing installations to upgrade from an earlier version. If and when such a need arises, we will notify users and provide guidance on how to upgrade.)
  • Download OPLE 1.0 installation file (Build 1.2.5, 20MB ZIP file) NEW BUILD for Windows 10 compatibility

Installation in other environments
Installation on network servers and on other operating systems will require some adaptation of the installation guide to reflect the characteristics of different system environments, but such adaptation has generally been found to be straightforward. You will probably want to consult your IT support staff. If you or they have problems, please contact EDItEUR, and we will try to help.

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Getting started with OPLE

To help you get started with OPLE, EDItEUR provides some sample ONIX-PL expressions that you can import and use for evaluation, research and training; and, with help from early adopters, we are developing detailed guidelines on how to use the software. The sample ONIX-PL expressions, which can be found immediately below this paragraph, are intended for use as part of the initial installation.

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Sample ONIX-PL expressions and user guidelines

Follow the links below to download sample expressions and associated explanatory guides.

CLIR-DLF Standard License: ONIX-PL expression
The CLIR-DLF Standard License is a public-domain model license developed in 2001 by the US library community. EDItEUR has mapped it as an ONIX-PL template. You can import it into your OPLE installation by downloading the XML expression here and following the accompanying instructions, which include a link to the license text.

ONIX-PL template ‘starter'

The ONIX-PL template ‘starter' has been prepared to make it easier for OPLE users to create their first license template expression. You can download the XML expression, installation instructions, and user guidelines here.

How to use the template starter (PDF)
- available shortly
A user guide to OPLE is in preparation and will be made available from this web page shortly. In the meantime, if you need assistance with learning how to use OPLE, please contact EDItEUR and we will try to help.

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Upgrading OPLE to the latest Version or Build

To upgrade an existing OPLE installation on a stand-alone PC, please follow the instructions in Part I of the upgrade guide, which applies to any upgrade from one OPLE Build or Version to another. The upgrade guide also includes, in Part II, instructions for upgrading to a new version of Java in the event that you find it necessary to do so. However, as long as OPLE is running satisfactorily with the Java version with you have installed, there should be no need to move to a new version.

There are no specific release notes for version 1.245. Additional details specific to Version 1.0, Build 1.2.4 and later are given in Build 1.2.4 release notes. Release notes for Build 1.2.3 are also still available.

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Installing a new issue of the ONIX-PL Dictionary

To load a new issue of the ONIX-PL Dictionary into an existing OPLE installation, please use the link below to download a zip file containing brief installation instructions and the latest issue of the Dictionary in the .rng format which is used for OPLE.

Download Issue 7 of the ONIX-PL Dictionary with installation instructions (Zip file)

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