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Serials Code Lists

ONIX Serials Codelists Issue 9 NEW

The ONIX Serials Codelists file defines a set of coded data elements and their permitted values. The file is shared by all ONIX Serials XML Schemas. By defining coded data elements in a separate file, we are able to issue updates to the code lists independently of new releases of any of the formats. For this reason, the Codelists file carries an Issue number of its own.

No entirely new codelists have been added in Issue 9, but many lists that are shared with ONIX for Books or which are based on underlying ISO lists have been updated with new code values. Codelists and values introduced in Issue 8 focused on facilities required to communicate details of Open Access products.

The latest version of the Codelists file is automatically included whenever the XML Schema for any of the formats is downloaded, or it can be downloaded separately here:

Previous versions of the codelists are also still available, including the previous Issue 8. Documentation and schema files for various earlier ONIX for Serials message formats have not all been updated, so Issues 4, 5 and 6 of the codelists are also still downloadable here:

(Note that the Codelists XSD file must be held in the same folder as the XML Schema, and if you download one of the previous versions (eg Issue 4 or 5) the ‘_Issue_x’ will need to be removed from the file name before it can be used).

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