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Maintenance and support


ONIX for Books standards are maintained by the EDItEUR ONIX Support Team in consultation with ONIX national groups, and under the direction of an international steering committee. Currently, Graham Bell has primary responsibility for the standard, with assistance from EDItEUR consultant Francis Cave.

Change requests are reviewed by the Support Team, and are circulated periodically to national groups for consultation. As ONIX for Books has developed, its structures have been increasingly generalised, so that most new requirements can be met by adding code values. In such cases, the elapsed time between the identification of need and the publication of a suitable response can be reasonably short. For changes which can only be met by extensions to the structure of the product record, the need must be balanced against the importance of maintaining stability.

There are three main routes by which users can put forward comments, questions or suggestions for improvements. If you are in one of the countries which has an ONIX for Books national group, you are encouraged to contact that group - see below. Or you can send comment to the ONIX implementation listserv. Or if you prefer, you can e-mail EDItEUR.

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ONIX for Books International Steering Committee

Each national ONIX for Books user group is represented on the ONIX for Books International Steering Committee which is chaired by Laurent Dervieu of Electre. The ONIX for Books International Steering Committee meets twice a year at the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs, and occasionally via additional telephone conference calls.

The terms of reference for the ONIX for Books International Steering Committee are available here.

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ONIX for Books National Groups

There are ONIX for Books National Groups in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, South Korea, Japan, US, Canada, Australia, China, Egypt and the UK.

The terms of reference for the ONIX for Books National Groups are available here. Participation in a national group is not dependent on membership of EDItEUR. Note however that participation constitutes acceptance of EDItEUR’s Intellectual Property Policy here.

National Group contacts

Contact details for other national groups will be included here as soon as we receive approval to link to them from the respective web site and email owners.

Country Website Email
Canada or (French Canada) or (French Canada)
Egypt (and Arabic world)
Netherlands and Flanders

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ONIX for Books Technical Committee

The terms of reference for the ONIX for Books Technical Committee are available here.

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Implementation Listserv

EDItEUR has an e-mail list on as an announcement channel and implementation discussion forum for those working with ONIX for Books – it’s open to all current and prospective users of the ONIX for Books product information standards.

The list acts as the forum for asking questions about the interpretation of ONIX standards, raising any practical problems which need to be addressed in future releases, and participating in discussion aimed at defining solutions and best practices. Discussion on the list is an important source of input to the continuing development of ONIX standards.

It also acts as a channel for announcing new releases of tools and documentation related to the standard, so it's important to subscribe to the list if you're responsible for a system that implements ONIX.

The home page of the ONIX discussion forum is at and you can subscribe to the list by sending a blank e-mail to

There is also a German-language mailing list.

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