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Maintenance and Support


The Thema subject classification scheme is maintained by EDItEUR, in consultation with Thema National Groups and under the direction of a Thema International Steering Committee. This process is very similar to that used successfully with ONIX for Books.

There are three main routes by which Thema users can put forward comments, suggestions for improvement or new business requirements. First, if you are in one of the countries where there is an active national group, you are encouraged to contact that group. Second, you can e-mail comments directly to EDItEUR. Third is via the mailing list.

Thema Implementation mailing list

There is a Thema e-mail discussion list for general implementation queries. It is open to all current and prospective users of the Thema subject category system. The list acts as the forum for asking questions about the interpretation of Thema standards, for raising any practical problems which may need to be addressed in future releases, and participating in discussion aimed at finding the most appropriate solutions to your subject categorisation problems.  It can also be used to raise questions about classification of particular titles using Thema or making suggestions and requests for possible new codes. All announcements relating to new codes and extensions, new revisions of the scheme, new translations etc are posted to the list.

Discussion on the list is an important source of input to the continuing development of Thema.

You can join the e-mail discussion list (hosted by here. Once you are subscribed to the list, you'll receive a copy of each message posted to the list, either as individual e-mails or as a weekly digest (set your preference by logging in to itself). 

There is also a German-languge version of the mailing list – join here.

National Groups and the Thema International Steering Committee

Participants in a large number of countries have contributed to the development of Thema, and many of those have formed 'national groups' which will continue to guide the development of the scheme in the future.

The International Steering Committee comprises representatives of the Thema national groups, and of EDItEUR, and is ultimately responsible for ensuring Thema meets the needs of the industry and continues to develop and gain adoption.

Minutes of the International Steering Committee meetings:

  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting October 2013
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting April 2014
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting October 2014
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting April 2015
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting October 2015
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting April 2016
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting October 2016
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting March 2017
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting October 2017
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting April 2018 
  • Minutes for Thema ISC meeting October 2018
  • Draft Minutes for Thema ISC meeting March 2019

Partial list of organisations facilitating Thema national groups:

Participation in a national group is not dependent on membership of EDItEUR. Note however that participation constitutes acceptance of EDItEUR’s Intellectual Property Policy here.


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