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Thema – the subject category scheme for a global book trade

(The new language translations of Thema v1.4 are being added as they are completed – see the page for version 1.3 for other languages if they are not yet on this page.)

Thema version 1.4

Thema version 1.4 was released at the start of April 2020. This version contains 143 new core subject categories and 549 new qualifiers (including new national extensions), plus numerous improvements to the wording of headings and notes, but it retains full backward compatibility with version 1.3 (no existing data needs to be modified or updated).

Thema v1.4 documentation 

Thema v1.4 browser version and translations

  • Interactive Thema category browser – includes the latest Czech, Danish, English, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Canadian French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Flemish, Polish, Portuguese,Brazilian PortugueseSlovak, Swedish and Turkish listings, plus partial Arabic and Russian translations (note that for all these languages, where a term has not yet been translated, the English term is shown instead). The interactive browser should choose your preferred language from those available automatically, according to preferences set in your web browser, but you can also select any of the available languages manually. Chinese, Korean and Greek translations have also been completed, but are not yet available here
  • Quick reference sheet for the category browser

Thema v1.4 code lists and translations

  • Version 1.4 categories and codes in English (Excel, HTML, XML and JSONfully updated v1.4


  • The entire database with the full range of headings and notes in all available languages – is available on request to EDItEUR members (SQLite3 binary file)
  • Listing of all the new codes and all the changes for version 1.4 (April 2020) (PDF)
  • Announcement of release of Thema v1.4 (April 2020) (PDF)


Previous versions of Thema

Most files and information for version 1.3 are still available, as are archived older versions of Thema (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2).

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