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ICEDIS New Orders

ICEDIS New Orders for Subscription Products, draft version 0.11

The ICEDIS New Orders message has been developed to help automate the processing of new orders for journals and other subscription products. Renewal orders for such products are routinely passed from subscription agents to publishers in a semi-automated way, but various barriers have so far prevented similar treatment for new orders.

The New Orders message offers three key improvements over other formats currently in use:

  • A structured name, address and identifier model is incorporated to convey customer and other "party" information in a way that encourages record matching and easy upload.
  • Online products are comprehensively supported, with the inclusion of additional information on activation, authentication and licensing details.
  • Orders for multi-component packaged products can be included, alongside those for simple, one-journal online or print models.

Because "transfer" orders (those for existing subscriptions that have been transferred between agents) are so similar in character to new orders, these can also be supported by the New Orders message. Renewal orders for existing subscriptions are not supported by the New Orders message, though it is envisaged that a corresponding Renewal Orders message will be introduced in due course.

Documentation available for the New Orders message is as follows:

(Note that the XSD codelists file must be stored in the same folder as the XML schema)

Sample files have been prepared to illustrate how ICEDIS New Orders messages should be assembled and how various frequently-encountered features should be handled. Three examples are available, describing respectively the following cases:

  • A single order for a single copy of a print journal
  • A new order for an online package AND an order for a print + online combination transferred from another agent
  • The construction of the Summary section of the message, for a multi-line order.

Each of the examples is available in two annotated formats: a human readable PDF version and an XML file. The sample files are provided in a zipped package, downloadable from the link shown above.

The New Orders message has been developed with active participation and inputs from an ICEDIS Working Group, which will also coordinate pilot exchanges. If you would like to know more, please email Tim Devenport via

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