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ONIX-PL Dictionary

The ONIX-PL format is supported by an extensive dictionary of coded values. The ONIX-PL Dictionary carries the full set of controlled values that are available to be used in ONIX-PL data elements, with their definitions. These values are included in the ONIX-PL schema as a separate file so that the Dictionary can be updated without affecting the structure definition. A reference copy of the Dictionary can be downloaded as a read-only Excel spreadsheet at the end of this webpage.

The first release of the Dictionary was designated Issue 1. Thereafter successive issues are numbered 2, 3, 4 etc, independently of schema version numbering. Dictionary updates will be issued as frequently as necessary, in response to user requirements.

However, from Issue 1, Dictionary values will not be deleted, nor will their meaning be substantively changed. Definitions may be revised for the sake of clarification, or may occasionally be extended. New values will be added. Existing values may be marked as 'deprecated' if new values are to be preferred, but they will remain in the Dictionary indefinitely. Deprecated values should not be used in new ONIX-PL expressions; and it is good practice to replace them in existing expressions at the first convenient opportunity.

Using the Dictionary as part of the ONIX-PL schema

The ONIX-PL schema is organized so that controlled values from the Dictionary are held in a separate file, ONIX_PublicationsLicense_CodeLists.xsd. This means that the Dictionary can be updated by replacing this file, without affecting the structural definition of the schema. You can choose either to download the schema plus Dictionary as a single package, or to download the Dictionary alone. Please use one of the links below if you haven't yet updated to the latest issue of the Dictionary.

Using the Dictionary as part of the OPLE software

The OPLE editing software uses a different version of the Dictionary file, which is available as a separate download, with installation instructions, on the OPLE page.

ONIX-PL Dictionary Issue 7

The most recent release of the Dictionary is Issue 7 (published June 2016). For a reference copy of Issue 7 and an explanation of the latest changes, please download both of the documents below:

The reference copy of the ONIX-PL Dictionary has been extended in Issues 5, 6 and 7 by the addition of a second worksheet. Sheet 1 of the Excel file continues to list those codes that are maintained by EDItEUR and controlled directly through the ONIX-PL schema. However, place identifiers in ONIX-PL Place Definitions may use country or region codes that are not specific to ONIX-PL and that cannot be directly controlled through the schema. These are now listed in Sheet 2 of the reference spreadsheet so that they are more easily available to users of ONIX-PL and OPLE. They will be updated when necessary in future issues.

An important area of change in Issue 5 was the introduction of a richer set of code values for describing post-termination access arrangements. While all these new values are listed individually in the Issue 5 ‘Changes’ document, we are also making available a separate brief guide to show how they are intended to be used to specify the various options that licensors may offer.

Also noteworthy in Issue 5 was the addition of new code values for dealing with Open Access content included alongside proprietary materials covered by a license agreement. These were further extended in Issue 6. Again, a short guide to the intended use of the new values – covering features added in both Issue 5 and Issue 6, is available for download.

Previous issues of the ONIX-PL Dictionary

Details of changes made in previous issues of the ONIX-PL Dictionary can be downloaded below:

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