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Order Renewal and Transfer

This Agent-to-Publisher message is used to convey new and renewal orders for subscription products and to advise of transfers of existing subscriptions between one agent and another. When used specifically for renewals, the message provides a powerful mechanism for highly automated transaction processing, permitting very large order volumes to be handled during busy periods of the year.

The ORT format also provides a framework within which the agent can optionally transmit additional information related to the subscription. This can include:

End-User Addresses. To communicate address information relating to the end-user customer for a subscription order. The need arises because agents act in some circumstances as consolidators. If both “ship-to” and “bill-to” records refer to the agent, then the identity of the end customer can be masked, which is generally viewed as unsatisfactory by the publisher.

E-Journal Information from the Agent. To carry comprehensive details on user preferences and customer service for e-journals.

IP Addresses. To convey details of IP addresses or ranges associated with the end-user of an e-journal or other online resource.

More detailed information on the structure and usage of the Subscription Order, Renewal & Transfer message can be found in the ORT Guidelines (PDF format).

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