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ONIX for Preservation Holdings (ONIX-PH) is an XML message structure conveying information about holdings of e-resources that have been preserved or that are the object of preservation initiatives. ONIX-PH communicates snapshot holdings statements and indicates the status of preservation work on each release of the e-resource covered. Structurally, the message is a specialized development of the ONIX for Serials SOH (serial online holdings) format and it utilizes the ONIX for Serials Coverage Statement to permit complex, multilevel communications of coverage and enumeration.

ONIX-PH may be used between publishers, preservation agencies, those maintaining registries of preserved resources, and other intermediaries in the e-resource supply chain. Partners in the JISC-funded PEPRS project were instrumental in helping define the business requirements for ONIX-PH and pilot exchanges focus initially on messages from preservation agencies to populate The Keepers Registry, hosted by EDINA and developed in partnership with the ISSN International Centre.

ONIX-PH Pilots and the v0.21 Draft

ONIX-PH is currently available in a draft v0.21 version and is undergoing pilot exchanges. On conclusion of the pilot, the message will be modified as necessary and released in a formal v1.0; from that point onward, every effort will be made to maintain backwards compatibility between versions.

ONIX-PH Overview v0.21 (PDF)

The draft Version 0.21 of ONIX-PH is documented in a PDF-format Overview that can be viewed or downloaded here. The Overview explains the background for the creation of this specialized holdings message and the business context within which it is expected to be used. The Overview also contains a detailed tabular description explaining the structure of the message and each of the data items that it contains.

ONIX-PH XML Schema v0.2

The draft Version 0.2 of ONIX-PH, expressed in XSD format as an XML schema, is available in a zipped package that can be downloaded here. The package also contains the necessary XSD codelists and Coverage modules upon which the schema relies.

ONIX-PH HTML Documentation v0.2

As an alternative description that may be of use to developers, the draft Version 0.2 of ONIX-PH is also available as a set of HTML Documentation, created directly from the XML schemas using the oXygen proprietary software. The HTML Documentation is provided in a zipped package that can be downloaded here.

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