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Royalty Reporting

In association with a BISG programme aimed at the development of standards and best practices for the licensing of publishing rights, EDItEUR has developed a “strawman” analysis of the data content and structure which may be required for a family of computer-to-computer royalty reporting messages.

The strawman was prepared in consultation with a sub-group of the BISG Rights Committee. As well as benefitting from the committee's advice, much of the work was based on an analysis of actual royalty reports made available to EDItEUR in confidence by a number of publishers and agents in the US and the UK, whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

The aim of the strawman is to provide an underlying model for the development of royalty reporting message formats to meet different application requirements. BISG and EDItEUR intend to test the model through pilot exchanges using appropriate subsets of the strawman data content.

Download the latest draft of the “strawman” here.

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