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ONIX for Rights Information Services (ONIX-RS) consists of a suite of XML messages to communicate information about rights, primarily for books. It supports comprehensive, due diligence searches by libraries engaged in digitizing their print collections or seeking to make the associated content more widely available. The development of ONIX-RS has drawn heavily upon the work of the EC-funded ARROW Project and the inputs of ARROW partner organizations.

The Rights Discovery Process
The ONIX-RS messages support various aspects of the rights discovery process:

  • Processes of searching, matching and clustering against a number of reference sources or authority files.
  • Declarations of license terms or usage permissions sought by the requesting library.
  • Advice from Books in Print agencies on the publishing status and availability of related books, insofar as these may impact upon the likely grant of licenses.
  • Responses from RROs advising upon the grant/refusal of licenses and passing on other information to enable the requesting library to bring the process to an orderly conclusion.
  • Administrative communication to and from a central service that manages the rights discovery process.

ONIX-RS Overview and Tabular Descriptions v1.0 (PDF)
Version 1.0 of the ONIX-RS message suite is documented in a series of PDF documents. Please click here and save the file to your computer. The documents consist of an Overview and a series of Tabular Descriptions, one per message. The Overview explains the business context for each of the messages: there are a total of 14 messages in all, in seven "request/response" pairs. The individual Tabular Descriptions explain the message structures and each of the data items that they contain.

ONIX-RS XML Schema v1.0
Version 1.0 of ONIX-RS, expressed in XSD format as a set of XML schemas, is available as a zipped package - please click here and save the file to your computer. The package also contains the necessary XSD codelists upon which the schema relies.

(Note that the codelists file must be held in the same folder as the XML schema.)

ONIX-RS HTML Documentation v1.0
As an alternative description that may be of use to developers, Version 1.0 of ONIX-RS is also available as a set of HTML Documentation, created directly from the XML schemas using the <oXygen/> proprietary software. The HTML Documentation is provided in a zipped package - please click here and save the file to your computer.

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