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Serials Coverage Statement

ONIX for Serials Coverage Statement - Version 1.0 (Published March 2012)

The ONIX for Serials Coverage Statement is an XML structure capable of carrying simple or complex statements of holdings of serial resources, in paper or electronic form, to be included in ONIX for Serials messages for a variety of applications; for example, to express:

  • The holdings of a particular serial version by a library
  • The coverage of a particular serial version supplied by an online content hosting system
  • The coverage of a particular serial version included in a subscription or offering

The coverage composite supports the expression of both enumeration and chronology.

The coverage composite may also be used to express holdings or coverage in XML structures other than those specified in ONIX for Serials.

The Coverage XML Schema is a formal XML definition of the coverage composite. It is not designed to be used on its own, but is being published separately from the message formats in which it is used as an aid to implementation.

Version 1.0 was formally published in March 2012 on successful completion of pilot and live implementations. It contains no substantive change from the previous Version 0.9 draft.

Coverage Statement version 1.0

Previous Versions

Documentation for the draft Version 0.9 is still available as follows:

(Note that the Codelists file must be held in the same folder as the XML Schema)

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