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SRN: Serials Release Notification Version 1.0 (March 2012)
The Serials Release Notification (SRN) format defines a family of messages designed to support information exchanges about the planned or confirmed publication or electronic availability of one or more serial releases. The three messages currently defined are:

ONIXSRNIssueNotice. Used to announce the physical publication date or online availability date of issues of serial publications or supplements to monographs.

ONIXSRNContentItemDescription. Used to transmit information describing individual content items (usually articles) in one or more releases.

ONIXSRNContentItemExtendedDescription. Used to transmit detailed information about individual content items (usually articles) in one or more releases.

Business applications for the ONIXSRNIssueNotice message include notification that a serial item has been published physically or made available online, notification of a change in the expected date of an upcoming release, and advance notice of a combined release. The ONIXSRNContentItemDescription message supports the provision of table-of-contents alerts and notification of single-article releases. The ONIXSRNContentItemExtendedDescription message supports distribution of article-level information suitable for populating abstracting and indexing databases. Future extensions may include notification of pattern changes and advance notification of publication schedules.

Parties to the SRN exchanges will include publishers, content hosting services, abstracting and indexing services, document-delivery agencies, subscription agents, DOI registration agencies and libraries.

Version 1.0 was formally published in March 2012 on successful completion of pilot and live implementations. It contains no substantive change from the previous Version 0.93 draft.

SRN version 1.0

Previous Versions

Documentation is still available for two previous draft versions of SRN, 0.93 and 0.92, as follows:

(Note that the Codelists file must be held in the same folder as the XML Schema)

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