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ONIX ISBN Registration format

In association with the International ISBN Agency, EDItEUR has developed an ONIX ISBN registration format to be used by ISBN registrants (normally, publishers) and ISBN Registration Agencies, in accordance with guidelines issued by the International ISBN Agency. The format is specifically designed to make high-volume ISBN registrations more efficient. (For more information about ISBN, see

The latest ONIX for ISBN Registration 2.0 message format is a simplified subset of ONIX for Books release 3.0. Overview documentation and an XSD schema defining the format can be downloaded here:

ONIX for ISBN Registration 2.0

The previous version, ONIX for ISBN Registration 1.0 is based on ONIX for Books release 2.1, and is also available. It is strongly advised that all new implementations use version 2.0 above rather than version 1.0:

ONIX for ISBN Registration 1.0

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