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This page provides links to some relevant articles and publications by members of the EDItEUR team. Please click on the title of your chosen piece to display the article in a new window.

ONIX for Publications Licenses (DOI 10.3789/isqv26no4.2014.04) EDItEUR consultant David Martin wrote an article for the Winter 2014 release of Information Standards Quarterly, published by EDItEUR Member NISO, about ONIX for Publications Licenses (ONIX-PL). Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) is NISO’s print and electronic magazine for communicating standards-based technology and best practices in library, publishing, and information technology, particularly where these three areas overlap. David's article explores the ONIX-PL standard, its purpose for encoding the content of a license agreement for electronic resources, how it works, the ONIX-PL Editor (OPLE), implementation progress, and future plans. You can also click here to view the pdf version of the same article.

Evolution of the Transfer Code of Practice (DOI 10.1087/20150112) In January 2015, Tim Devenport of EDItEUR co-authored an article on Project Transfer. This article, which was co-written with James Phillpotts and Alison Mitchell, appeared in volume 28 no. 1 of the journal Learned Publishing (ISSN 0953-1513), published by EDItEUR Member ALPSP. You can also click here to visit a webpage containing the same article.

Graham Bell appointed Executive Director of EDItEUR. On 23 January 2014 the Board of EDItEUR announced, in the accompanying press release, the appointment of Graham Bell as the Executive Director of EDItEUR with effect from 1 April 2014. Graham takes up the post in succession to Mark Bide, who retires from EDItEUR at the end of March having served over 5 years as Executive Director.

Bringing accessible publishing into the mainstream. This Bookbrunch article from June 2012 follows April's Accessiblity Seminar at London Book Fair. The article, written by Mark Bide and Sarah Hilderley, announces the release of the Joint Statement on Accessibility and E-books. This Statement, which can also be downloaded here, encourages publishers to ensure that ebooks become as accessible as possible.

Commercial and cultural sectors: potential for data collaboration? (DOI 10.4403/ This paper published in (the Italian Journal of Library and Information Science) stems from a presentation given at the Global Interoperability and Linked Data in Libraries conference, Florence in June 2012. It covers the Europeana context of the Linked Heritage project, the differences between commercial and cultural sector data, mappings from ONIX to MARC and the potential for better interoperability via Linked Data approaches to book metadata. Other papers presented at the conference can be read in a special issue here.

Identifier and Metadata Standards for e-Commerce—Responding to Reality in 2011 (DOI 10.3998/3336451.0014.108) This summer 2011 paper by Executive Director Mark Bide in the Journal of Electronic Publishing looks at the reality of implementation of e-commerce standards in the book and journal supply chains, and at where the barriers are to more widespread implementation. It compares this with the situation in other media, and looks at some of the challenges of convergence and divergence. Although the challenges identified are considerable, it finishes by discussing why there may be reasons for optimism about the future.

Requirements for the identification of ‘components’. This June 2011 EDItEUR discussion paper is intended to inform discussion of the issues surrounding the potential requirements for standardised identification of highly-granular content – content such as individual chapters or extracts, diagrams or illustrations, and audio or video clips – small chunks of content that may be disaggregated components of ‘larger’ content items or may have been created independently. It discusses the nature and need for clear identifiers, and considers whether these chunks or ‘components’ are a distinct class that requires a dedicated identifier.

From Dickens to Dante. A Special Report by Stella Griffiths from the April 2011 issue of ISO Focus+ discussing the importance of the ISBN system and its position as an ISO Standard.

The Challenge for Standards in the E-book Supply Chain (DOI 10.3789/isqv23n2.2011.06) Mark Bide's Spring 2011 article for Information Standards Quarterly focussing on the intermediaries in the supply chain process.

ARROW - Steps Towards Resolving the 'Orphan Works' Problem (DOI 10.1629/2335) An article written by Mark Bide for the March 2010 edition of Serials discussing the ARROW Project's aims in linking rightsholders with those who wish to publish their work electronically.

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