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ONIX ISTC Registration Format

In association with the International ISTC Agency, EDItEUR has developed an ONIX ISTC registration format to be used by ISTC registrants and ISTC Registration Agencies, in accordance with guidelines issued by the International ISTC Agency. The format supports two-way communication and covers all stages of the ISTC registration process, as well as subsequent corrections or amendments. (NB The ISTC standard is currently being revised by ISO, and new registrations are not being processed.)

After extensive piloting with a draft version of the format, Version 1.0 was published in 2009. A minor update of the documentation and XML schema was completed in October 2011. The latest version 1.0.1 schema is fully compatible with the original version 1.0 from 2009, and primarily serves to update various codelists in line with similar updates in ONIX for Books.

You can read or download the format specification and the current codelists here, and download a copy of the schema in W3C Schema language (.xsd) for local use:

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