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EDItEUR releases Thema 1.2 with new subject categories, new national extensions and new languages

Following its launch in 2013, Thema's initial promise as a subject scheme suitable for the whole of the global book trade is slowly turning into a reality. Its second update, version 1.2, was published at the very end of May. Adoption of the scheme is strongest so far in Germany and Scandinavia, but with complete new translations in languages like Hungarian (courtesy of EDItEUR member Magyar Books in Print) and Lithuanian (from the Lithuanian Publishers Association), the appeal of a scheme that can be applied to books traded internationallly is evident.

Version 1.2 added a range of new subject categories, many chosen because of experience gained from study and mapping work with other national subject schemes. These add power and expressivity to the scheme.

And 1.2 has subsequently been supplemented by some additional 'national extensions' – these extensions allow the scheme to provide local detail that might be necessary in a particular country, without requiring such detail elsewhere.

For full details of Thema, see EDItEUR’s main Thema resources page, and to get a feel for how to use it, take a look at the online browser.

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