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EDItEUR is very pleased to announce that Tim Devenport has been confirmed as the first Executive director of the ISNI International Agency.

EDItEUR has provided an administrative management service to the ISNI-IA for several years, but hitherto the International Agency has had no executive staff. Great progress has been made with the ISNI standard due to the efforts of the various members of the Board, but activities have always been hampered by the lack of dedicated staff and – somewhat ironically – by the lack of a ‘public face’ for the standard.

Tim – ISNI 0000 0004 5913 7837 – has been closely involved with the workings of the ISNI system since the beginning of the year, and has already made a significant impact to drive the standard and its adoption forward. The number of registration agencies has grown, the finances of the agency are more robust, and there is more focus on promotion of the benefits of ISNI. In his new role, Tim recently attended the Pidapalooza conference held 9–10th November in Reykjavik. For more details of ISNI, please e-mail Tim at EDItEUR.

Tim will also continue in his role as Lead Consultant to ICEDIS, focusing on the various ONIX and ICEDIS standards for the serials supply chain.

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