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Retailers showed their enthusiasm for Thema at the the BIC Supply Chain Seminar during London Book Fair.

At the recent and well-attended ‘Building a better business’ Supply Chain Seminar organised by BIC during the London Book Fair, Amazon, Blackwell’s and Waterstones demonstrated their suppport for Thema.

Amazon EU’s UK division announced it “supports the roll out and use of Thema classification codes to improve the discoverability and quality of book data globally”, and Waterstones said “Thema is a very positive development, and we encourage its use throughout the book trade to improve discoverability”.

Kieron Smith, digital director of leading academic bookseller Blackwell’s, presented his plans to make use of Thema subject metadata to enhance the discoverability of books, alongside presentations from Howard Willows of Nielsen and Toby Gill of Virtusales covering the development of Thema and how it can be supported in publishers’ product management applications.

For full details of Thema, see EDItEUR’s main Thema page.

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