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ONIX for Books 3.0 has received regular small updates over the past few years – 3.0.1 in 2012, 3.0.2 in 2014 and 3.0.3 in 2016. The latest version – 3.0.4 – maintains this cadence of updates and adds a handful of new features requested by users of ONIX 3.0 and ratified by the ONIX International Steering Committee during its meeting at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

This update brings a new <SupplyContact> composite for named contacts at the supplier (the wholesaler or distributor), and new flexibility to sell digital products at different prices with differing license terms (this complements the use of the <UsageConstraint> composite). <Language> is now also included in <ContentItem>, and restrictions on <NameAsSubject> have been relaxed to allow fictional entities as well as the names of real people or organisations. The <CollectionSequenceNumber> element is now more flexible. Finally there is a minor change to accomodate French eco-levies.

ONIX 3.0 users can download the latest schema (available as XSD, RNG or DTD files) as well as the latest codelists (Issue 39) and the latest documentation from the ONIX 3.0 Downloads page. A summary of the changes can be read here.

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