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EDItEUR has launched a multilingual online resource for the ONIX codelists, at, which will become a hub for codelist translations. Initial languages include English, French, Italian, Spanish and Norwegian, with others to be added over the next few months.

The online codelists are modelled on the successful Thema subject browser, which is now available in 16 languages. It’s easy to navigate around the codelists by clicking on the codelist names or on individual codelist headings. Notes can be revealed or hidden via the ? and ? buttons, and there is an ‘expert mode’ that displays the codelist issues where particular codes were first introduced or significantly modified. The ONIX browser includes a basic search function, so you can search for words that appear in the codelists themselves (either the headings or the notes). You can also search to see which codelist is used for a particular data element (eg search for ‘<ProductIDType>’ or ‘<NotificationType>’), or you can search directly by codelist number (eg search for ‘44’ or ‘150’). Deprecated codes are indicted via small red bars.

The ONIX browser supports the ‘latest’ issue of the codelists, currently Issue 38, and will be updated to include new issues as they are released. It should automatically pick the language that suits you best (according to your web browser preferences), or you can choose any available language manually. There is also an archived English-only version of Issue 36, which was the last issue to work with ONIX 2.1.

One of the advantages of the multilingual browser is that it will act as hub for translations. ONIX national groups have an important role here, as they can coordinate translations and if necessary resolve any translation issues that arise. The browser also gives each code in the codelists a unique URL (at least in a particular language), and use will be made of this in the future. For example, the URL for ISBN that’s used with <ProductIDType>, code 15 in list 5, is

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