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The table lists a selection of organizations that have implemented some version of ONIX within their business – EDItEUR members are in bold. They range from small, independent or academic publisherbarts, through large trade publishers, distributors, wholesalers, online and High St. retailers, to software suppliers and digital services companies. The Version column shows the latest version implemented: most companies retain the ability to use earlier versions too. [Note the data is 'as provided' by the company concerned, and EDItEUR has not verified any of the listings. Clickable links are for EDItEUR members.]

If you want to add your organization’s details, fill in the survey here. If you want to update your details, e-mail

You can click on any of the table headings to sort the table into order, and shift-click to sort by multiple columns. Depending on your browser and font setup, red arrows (up or down) may show the current sort order. Hover over the Version column for further notes on some organizations.

  • T = trade publisher
  • E = educational publisher
  • S = scientific, technical, medical, academic or scholarly publisher
  • P = other publisher (eg legal, govt)
  • L = logistics (distributor, wholesaler etc)
  • M = metadata aggregator / distributor
  • R = ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer
  • O = online retailer (of physical books)
  • B = e-book retailer
  • A = application developer / consultant
  • D = digital services supplier
Company Country Version T E S P L M R O B A D Contact
Vearsa IE 3.0 L D
BTLF CA 3.0 M Email Web
Content 2 Connect HU 3.0 L M D
Georg Thieme Verlag KG DE 2.1 S
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. US 3.0 T
Australian Publishers Association AU 2.1 M E-mail Web Web
Sürat Basım Yayın A.Ş. TR   E B A D
Hachette Livre FR 3.0 T E S L M D E-mail
Gill & Macmillan IE 2.1 T E L
Bibliographic Data Services GB 3.0 M E-mail Web
Audio Editions US 2.1 R O
Wakefield Press AU 2.1 T L
De Marque inc. CA 3.0 L M A
Verkaart Automatisering NL 3.0 A D
Klopotek & Partner GmbH DE 3.0 A E-mail Web
ePatterns Pty Ltd AU 3.0 E A D
Library of Congress US 2.1 M
txtr GmbH DE 2.1 L M B D
Texas A&M University Press US 2.1 S
Snowbooks GB 3.0 T
Page Foundry US 3.0 B A D
Kirjavälitys Oy FI 2.1 L
Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Oy FI 2.1 R O B
WSOYpro Ltd FI 2.1 E S P
Pragmasoft DK 3.0 M A
Cicerone Press GB 3.0 T O B
Rebeccalibri IT 2.1 M
STEAM di Guida Enrico & C. S.a.s. IT 3.0 R A
Palgrave Macmillan GB 2.1 P E-mail Web
Informazioni Editoriali I.E. Srl IT 3.0 M E-mail Web
Ingram Content Group US 3.0 L M D E-mail
Meta4Books vzw BE 3.0 M E-mail Web
Freedomsoft AU 3.0 A
BooksoniX GB 3.0 M A
BookNet Canada CA 2.1 M A E-mail Web
CyberWolf, Inc. US 3.0 A
D&M Publishers, Inc. CA 2.1 T
GiantChair -Onixsuite US/EU 3.0 M O B A E-mail Web
Liguori Publications US 2.1 T P
NetRead Software and Services, LLC US 3.0 L M A D
TSO (The Stationery Office) GB 2.1 P L O
Baysoft NB Inc. CA/DE 2.1 M A
Penguin Group (UK) GB 3.0 T
DILVE ES 3.0 M A E-mail Web
Hachette Book Group US 2.1 T E-mail Web
Focus IT Services Limited GB 3.0 A
Thomas Nelson GB 2.1 T
Bowker US/GB 3.0 M E-mail E-mail Web Web
Buchzentrum AG CH 2.1 L
Pearson Education US 3.0 T E E-mail
Publishing Technology GB 2.1 A
Nielsen Book GB 3.0 M E-mail Web
John Wiley & Sons Ltd GB 3.0 T E S L O B E-mail
Little, Brown Book Group GB 2.1 T E-mail Web
Virtusales Publishing Solutions GB 3.0 A
Pearson International Global 3.0 E L
Taylor & Francis Group Global 3.0 E S Web
Bokinfo SE 3.0 M E-mail Web
Springer Science+Business Media DE 3.0 E S E-mail Web
German National Library DE 2.1 M
Nelson Thornes GB 2.1 E
HarperCollins Publishers GB 3.0 T E L E-mail Web
G. Umbreit GmbH & Co. KG DE 2.1 L
The Bookshelf CA 2.1 R O B A
Cappelen Damm NO 2.1 T E E-mail Web
University of Alberta Press CA 2.1 T S
Dial-A-Book Inc. US 2.1 M
Organisationsdienst Herbert Barkmann / Software für Verlage DE 3.0 A D
Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Co. KG DE 2.1 E S
Royal Society of Chemistry GB 2.1 S
Lyck Software & Systeme GmbH DE 2.1 A
Stison GB 3.0 M A
Peter Starke Internetsolutions DE 2.1 M A D
Pearson ERPI CA 3.0 E L
xmltricks and solutions IN   D
Carson-Dellosa Publishing, LLC US 2.1 E O B
O'Reilly Media, Inc. US 2.1 S O B
University of Texas Press US 2.1 T E S
InterVarsity Press US 3.0 T E O B
Francis Cave Digital Publishing GB 3.0 A E-mail Web
ReadSocial US   M A
Trust Media Distribution GB 3.0 L
Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH DE 2.1 L M A E-mail Web
Baker & Taylor US 2.1 L E-mail Web
DILICOM FR 3.0 L M B E-mail Web
bpm consult ag CH 2.1 A E-mail Web
BoekTrust / NL 3.0 M
Titelbank NL 3.0 M
Centraal Boekhuis BV NL 2.1 L M E-mail
WPG Publishers NL 2.1 T E
Icontact NL 2.1 A
Berghahn Books US/GB 2.1 S
OnixMaster Publishing Services IN 3.0 L M O B D
Leadership Press US   T
Requoia US 2.1 A
Firebrand Technologies US 3.0 M A D
ProQuest Workflow Solutions AU 2.1 M
TouchPoint Press US   T
Ohio University Press US 3.0 T E
IPR License Ltd GB 2.1 D E-mail Web
NBN International GB 2.1 L M O B A D
Smashwords, Inc. US 3.0 L M B A D
Cambridge University Press GB 2.1 E S R O E-mail Web
Skoobe DE 3.0 B
Draft2Digital US 3.0 L M A D
Langmarc Publishing US 2.1 T
LibreDigital US 2.1 L M D E-mail Web
eBOUND Canada CA 2.1 L M
Cherry Hill Publishing, LLC US 3.0 T
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group US 2.1 T S L M D
Ignited minds Edutech Pvt Ltd IN   E O B A
Mitinet Library Services US 3.0 M
Visiting Librarian Services US 3.0 M A
Book Connect Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd IN 3.0 L M A D
Kogan Page Ltd GB 3.0 S E-mail Web
Faber & Faber GB 3.0 T
Ubiqui BR   M
Avatar / PKF Littlejohn LLP GB 3.0 A
DataLibri ES 3.0 A D DE 2.1 A
Canongate Books Ltd GB 3.0 T
Elsevier US 3.0 S
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) GB 3.0 S
BiblioMeta US 3.0 O B A D
Bookmasters US 2.1 L M D
Salt Publishing Limited GB 3.0 T
Diamanda Publishing US   T L M O B D
Anchor Hudson LLP US   T
Haufe-Lexware GmbH DE 2.1 T A
SVS Software und VerlagsService GmbH DE 3.0 M A
e-Aviso UK 3.0 A

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