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ONIX for Price Catalog (ONIX-PC) is an XML message structure for communicating product catalog and pricing information about subscription products. The message was originally developed in collaboration with ICEDIS (the International Committee for EDI in Serials) and previous versions were referred to as the ICEDIS Publishers' Price List message.

ONIX-PC may be used between publishers, subscription agents, other intermediaries and library or consortium customers in the library supply chain. The message provides comprehensive facilities to convey simple and complex pricing models, including tiered pricing arrangements that are based upon some measures of the size of the purchasing customer.

All types of product available on subscription are supported, from the more traditional print and online journals, through multi-component packaged products to e-book collections and database products.

ONIX-PC Version 1.1.1 (published September 2012)

Version 1.1.1 is again functionally unchanged from the previous release (version 1.1). Two improvements have been introduced:

  • Several clarifications have been introduced in the Overview document, particularly in Section 1 regarding business cases and in Section 7 regarding the structure of prices.
  • The XML schema now includes the full list of data elements from the ONIX Coverage Statement, rather than the subset included in the previous version.

Otherwise versions 1.1.1 and 1.1 are functionally identical to the predecessor ICEDIS Publishers' Price List v1.1. The message has been re-titled to more accurately describe its function within the ONIX family of messages and to reflect the message structure that it shares with other ONIX formats. It is intended that any future development will be made only in ONIX-PC and that it will fully supplant the previous ICEDIS message for all price catalog purposes.

ONIX-PC Overview v1.1.1 (PDF)

Version 1.1.1 of ONIX-PC is documented in a PDF-format Overview that can be viewed or downloaded here. The Overview explains the background for the creation of the price catalog and the business context within which it is expected to be used. The Overview also contains a detailed tabular description explaining the structure of the message and each of the data elements that it contains.

ONIX-PC XML Schema v1.1.1

Version 1.1.1 of ONIX-PC, expressed in XSD format as an XML schema, is available in a zipped package that can be downloaded here. This now includes the full ONIX Coverage Statement. The package also contains the necessary XSD codelists upon which the schema relies.

ONIX-PC HTML Documentation v1.1.1

As an alternative description that may be of use to developers, Version 1.1.1 of ONIX-PC is also available as a set of HTML Documentation, created directly from the XML schemas using the oXygen proprietary software. The HTML Documentation is provided in a zipped package that can be downloaded here.

ONIX-PC Sample Files v1.1.1 (XML and PDF)

Sample files have been prepared to illustrate how ONIX-PC messages should be assembled and how various frequently-encountered pricing models should be represented. Three examples are available, describing respectively catalog entries for a print journal with six prices, an online packaged product with tiered pricing, and a print + online combination offering anytime start subscriptions.

Each of the examples is available in two annotated formats: a human readable PDF version and an XML file. The sample files are provided in a zipped package that can be downloaded here.

ONIX-PC Version 1.1 (published March 2012)

Documentation and resources for the previous version of ONIX-PC (version 1.1, published March 2012) are still available here. Materials available comprise the following:

  • ONIX-PC PDF Overview v1.1, to view or download
  • ONIX-PC XML Schema v1.1, a zipped package to download
  • ONIX-PC HTML Documentation v1.1, a zipped package to download


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