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EDItEUR represents the interests of its members to relevant international bodies including ISO and GS1.

In the digital environment, standards are of key strategic importance and directly impact on how organisations communicate with their trading partners. Standards have clear business and operational implications and are not just technical implementations. By participating in the development of standards through both national standards bodies and through EDItEUR member organisations can ensure that they influence change while benefitting from shared development expertise at minimal cost.

Under contract, EDItEUR also manages the International ISBN Agency, promoting, coordinating and supervising the ISBN system across the world through 160 local agencies. The International ISBN Agency provides guidance and support for both new and established ISBN Agencies and also works with them to develop policy and implementation plans for digital publication identification and inter-relationships with other identification systems.

More recently EDItEUR has begun to provide management administration services for both the International ISTC Agency, the organisation that manages the work identifier International Standard Text Code, and for the ISNI International Agency, which is the body that manages the ISNI International AgencyInternational Standard Name Identifier for the public identities of parties (either individuals or organisations.)

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